No sooner said than done, Jonathan: "Gigi D'Alessio dedicated a song to Bianca Guaccero"

Detto Fatto, Jonathan: “Gigi D’Alessio ha dedicato una canzone a Bianca Guaccero”

To Detto Fatto, Jonathan reveals that Gigi D'Alessio would have dedicated a song to Bianca Guaccero

"Gigi D'Alessio dedicated a song to Bianca Guaccero". To reveal it is Jonathan during an episode of Detto Fatto where he talked about the link between the Neapolitan singer, ex Anna Tatangelo, and the presenter. During the now famous SuperClassifica, the ex gieffino revealed the songs dedicated to famous people. "Gigi D'Alessio did not dedicate a song only to Donna Sophia, but also to Donna Bianca Guaccero," he said, embarrassing Guaccero who was quick to deny it.

"But that's not true – he replied -. Look you're wrong, Gigi D’Alessio never dedicated anything to me. " Jonathan Kashanian, however, did not give up and made the audience listen to a part of the song that Gigi would have dedicated to Bianca and which reads: "Your long sweater on your hands (…)" taken from the single Never tell him. Jonathan's gesture greatly amused Guaccero who burst out laughing, catching the irony of the moment. “Gigi, did you dedicate a piece to Bianca and not to me? I am very jealous – added Jonathan -. Now I'll call you live. "

At the helm of Detto Fatto for two years, Guaccero has managed to conquer the television audience after the farewell of Caterina Balivo, who moved to Vieni da Me (who this year announced she wanted to leave). Actress, singer and presenter, Bianca is an all-round and highly talented artist. Despite being a public figure, she has always been very private with regards to her private life. In the past she lived a long love story with the footballer Nicola Ventola (with whom she remained a friend), then she married Dario Acocella from whom she had her daughter Alice. The presenter never hid the will to have another child and the dream of finding great love.

"I am single, but I have a very relaxed approach to the matter – he had recently confessed -. I live the present and the future I build it with the pieces that I add day after day to the mosaic of my life. I've become more fatalistic, I don't make plans. I am freer of my head and I have no expectations that, if disregarded, would make me feel bad. And then I have the purest love beside me: my daughter. "

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