Nobody knows what this tab on the aluminum foil box is for, brilliant

Do you know all the secrets of the aluminum foil box? Well, today we will revolutionize the way you take care of your home, here’s how.

Every day we perform mechanical and practical gestures, or rather we believe they are, and in many cases we make trouble. The protagonist of the life-hack of the day is right there aluminum paper, but more specifically it is the box that contains it to amaze us. Are you aware of its true use, or do you always end up throwing it away because it is cluttered?

aluminum tab

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Here we are right here to reveal to you that its conformation it is not destined only to take up space and for this to be thrown away. In fact, his shape, texture and size they are used for specific solutions.

The first of all, which would seem obvious, is that of make your life easier! Are you aware of it, or do you keep throwing it away?

Here she is solution which remedies any problem in using the aluminum paper: the secret is in its box!

The use of the aluminum foil box is unthinkable!

Indeed, we have come to one revelation, because the aluminum foil box is a very simple cardboard box, but it is right in his material that true functionality is found. First, remember to do not abuse in the use of the aforementioned paper, because it is still polluting. So, if you want to do good to nature, use it very sparingly. Above all it is from our revelation that you will discover how not to waste it.

how to use the aluminum foil box

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How many times have you happened to find yourself with the aluminum paper all wrinkled and shabby, just as shown here in the picture? Let’s say that it is not very suitable in these conditions, it would be better to have it stretched out and with as few folds as possible. Otherwise, how are you going to cover the food properly?

Also, we’re here to amaze you because the box it has a very specific function, except that nobody knows it. This is because out of bad habit we tend only to open it and let the paper come out horizontally, not realizing that in this way it can fall out of its box.

In fact, the latter was made with the aim of hold back the aforementioned foil, and do not allow its incorrect release and therefore its consequent waste.

At both ends, always horizontally, at the beginning and at the end of the box there are some dashed lines in the shape of a circle. These go perforated, and then in turn the wooden cylinder that holds the paper is stuck in these slits you create.

In this way, no roll of paper will be wasted or escaped from your hands! Look at this video guide which explains in detail and step by step what we have just explained to you.

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In short, it is much easier to do than to say! Have you ever noticed this detail, or have you always let it go into the background? Try it, you will only lose a few minutes, but trust that you will not waste anything, and the use will be more practical.