Noemi more and more beautiful: on Instagram bikini from 10 and praise

Noemi more and more beautiful: on Instagram bikini from 10 and praise

Dazzling smile, relaxation and perfect physical shape: Noemi is more and more beautiful and on Instagram she shows off a truly enchanting bikini

Noemi is increasingly in shape: the Roman singer, born in 1982, is sharing on Instagram a series of shots that tell about her summer, showing a slender and defined physical form. A truly breathtaking silohuette, which she managed to conquer thanks to a new lifestyle based on exercise and healthy nutrition.

Of course, it should be noted that Noemi, born Veronica Scopelliti, has always been enchanting. Having achieved success thanks to X Factor, the singer stands out for her pale complexion, red hair and a magnetic eye cut.

However, in recent months, her body has definitely transformed: Noemi wanted to eliminate a few extra pounds which, while not really affecting her beauty, evidently did not make her feel good about herself and undermined her well-being.

So, between records and songs at the top of the charts, he decided to start a remise en forme plan using a specific program that consists of training five days a week with very high intensity exercise sessions repeated for about 20 seconds and performed 8 times. with a 10 second pause. This is the Tabata Method, which seems to be working great, also thanks to a diet of 1200 calories per day.

What appears clear – and which is also the most important thing – is that the singer is happy: she smiles full of life and has an extraordinary charge. Thanks to her transformation, in fact, Noemi seems more motivated than ever and makes no secret of it: in the past, through her Instagram stories she explained that she has found a new energy, which is not due only to seeing herself "better" from the point of aesthetic point of view, but also from feeling stronger from every point of view.

An energy and strength that will be extremely useful to her: the singer is in fact preparing for a new series of concerts and musical engagements, which she can't wait to be able to resume at full speed. Meanwhile, she enjoys the well-deserved relaxation and shares her successes with fans and friends, who continue to motivate and support her, admiring her efforts and the results she has managed to achieve.

Noemi on Instagram

Noemi, radiant in a bikini. Source: Instagram

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