Nolwenn Leroy confides in his companion: “I live with a bigorexic”

Nolwenn Leroy confides in his companion: "I live with a bigorexic"

Guest of the program Chemins de traverse (Europe 3), the singer Nolwenn Leroy confided in her family, in particular on her companion and father of her son, the sportsman Arnaud Clément. The tennis player would be addicted to the sport.

Nolwenn Leroy was the guest of Agathe Lecaron in the last issue of the program Chemins de traverse, broadcast on August 18 on Europe 3. In the middle of a hike, the singer of Breton origins confided in her relationship to sport which has changed since she is in a relationship with the tennis player Arnaud Clément. “I love hiking. But I do little hikes because with my family, my son is still small and then he often wants to be carried on his shoulders. He’s a little lazy”, she explained. “I have always liked endurance. I play a little tennis. But of course now… I have to. I live with a bigorexic, that is to say the sports disease so inevitably it pushes me a little, it motivates me”she added.

What is bigorexia?

Bigorexia is characterized by an addiction to sports. This addiction results in a need to practice physical activity on a daily basis, even several times a day. In bigorexia, sport takes precedence over the rest of life and can be used to fill a lack, a void (often unconsciously). People with bigorexics may experience stress when physical activity is stopped or limited.

Men more affected than women

Bigorexia would affect men more than women, and more amateur athletes than professionals. Some activities are also more affected than others by bigorexia: running and bodybuilding.

The causes of bigorexia are multiple: quest for thinness, desire to surpass oneself, to take care of one’s health… Psychological factors would also be taken into account in bigorexia. Some bigorexic people have a genetic or psychological vulnerability to addiction or do not cope well with social pressure and its injunctions to stay thin.

Bigorexia: what health risks?

Bigorexia is a potentially dangerous addiction to health. Indeed, sports addicts generally do not listen to their bodies when it sends them signals to slow down the pace. Consequently, they are more at risk of injuries, fractures and severe fatigue. Excessive physical activity can also have consequences on the skeleton, on food or sleep.