Not just face cream: where to apply the cream to look younger

Not just face cream: where to apply the cream to look younger

If you apply the cream only on the face you are wrong: here is where to apply it for a young, fresh and luminous complexion

Compared to a few years ago we can say that the face cream has now entered the beauty routine of women and men. We begin to apply the first cream already in adolescence, when ten years ago it was not such a habitual and daily gesture. But the cream, in reality, should not only be applied to the face, especially with increasing age. In fact, the whole body needs the right products to maintain an elastic tone and a plump and turgid skin. By doing this you will look younger and slow down the skin aging process, showing you fewer years than you have.

Eye contour cream, an essential ally for a radiant and never tired look

The eye contour cream is perhaps, after the face cream, the most used. However, there are still many people who do not apply it, especially at a young age, thinking that it is a useless product. In reality it has a very specific function depending on the type chosen but, above all, the eye contour has a much thinner and more delicate skin texture. For very young skin it is not essential to use an anti-aging product, on the contrary, it is better to use more powerful active ingredients from the age of 30.

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This, however, does not mean that prevention cannot be done, moisturizing the skin in the best possible way and always keeping it elastic. A moisturizing eye contour is what you need, to be chosen with a lighter texture for mixed or oily skin or with a richer and fuller formula for dry skin. For those who have problems with bags and dark circles, on the other hand, it is better to prefer products that do not weigh down the area, help the microcirculation and, consequently, deflate the eye and attenuate the dark pigmentation, in order to refresh the look and illuminate it.

The most moisturizing and nourishing eye contour creams are also perfect as a night treatment mask: just apply in larger quantities and do not massage them completely, leaving them to act all night. For mature skin, on the other hand, it is better to choose moisturizing and nourishing products, but at the same time with anti-aging and lifting ingredients, which help to camouflage small expression lines.

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Neck and décolleté cream, the areas forgotten by everyone

Two areas that say a lot about your age, the neck and the décolleté. They tend to give way over time, resulting in a subdue that is no longer toned and elastic, but relaxed and in a marked area above the breast, with small wrinkles and less compact skin. For more advanced ages, there are specific firming and redensifying creams, as well as masks to sculpt the oval of the face and lift the breast area.

But, to prevent skin sagging, you can apply your classic face cream also on the neck area, in order to keep the skin always hydrated and elastic. As for the breast area and immediately before it, however, you can apply your favorite body cream, especially if it is firming. The ingredients contained within will nourish and hydrate the area but, at the same time, will keep it elastic and toned.

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Body cream, be careful which one to choose

As far as body cream is concerned, there are two major factions that divide consumers: those who hardly ever use it except sporadically and those who do not give up on daily application, perhaps after a shower. Yes, it's true, body cream should also be applied every day, like face cream. This is because it needs hydration and nourishment, especially in summer, when it is exposed to the sun's rays, but also in winter, because it tends to dry out more.

But be careful, not all body creams are suitable and not all are applied to the whole body. For example, anti-cellulite creams, especially those with a warming effect, are to be applied locally where the greatest imperfections occur: belly, hips, buttocks, thighs and legs if you want to perform a deeper massage. Attention for those with evident capillaries, it would be better not to use heating formulations, but to choose cold effect creams.

The highly elasticizing firming or stretch mark creams, on the other hand, can be used all over the body, as well as moisturizing and nourishing creams. The only creams to avoid are those scented with the fragrances of eau de parfum and de toilette. In fact, they often do not contain large beneficial active ingredients and are not very moisturizing, they simply have the function of perfuming the skin and certainly cost less than a real perfume. If you want to use them anyway, alternate them with richer body creams or spread them over a neutral moisturizing body cream, just to feel the fragrance.

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Hands are one of the first alarm bells of passing time

Often forgotten, the hands are instead among the first areas of the body to be seen. Always in the foreground, they allow us to express ourselves by gesticulating, caressing, hugging each other and therefore the attention is often focused on them. It is often thought that it does not matter to cure them except with advancing age, instead it is necessary to prevent. In fact, it is precisely on the hands that the first dark spots due to age form, so it is always better to slow down this process as much as possible. Apply a moisturizing and easily absorbed hand cream every day, even several times a day, so that the application is pleasant. In winter, choose richer and more full-bodied textures, in doing so you will avoid the classic cracks and splits. Hand creams are also excellent for making masks to keep on all night: apply a good amount of cream on your hands and cover them with cotton gloves. The next morning the skin will be soft, hydrated and the skin regenerated.

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