Not only vegans, also champions of ecology

They are the freegans: they rummage in the trash to retrieve food, furniture, clothes and appliances

Being freegan means embracing the vegan doctrine and fighting waste.
"Vegan" because it avoids food consumption and not all that derives from the exploitation and killing of animals. "Free" because instead of consuming you use the free resources that the company makes available. Are you convinced that in this world nobody gives anything? Mistaken.
Millions of tons of food are thrown away every day in industrialized countries, as well as food and objects of all kinds, from clothes to shoes, from furniture to appliances, which can be used or simply adjusted.

Freeganism was born in the metropolitan area of ​​New York in the late nineties to combat consumerism. In fact, freegans avoid buying and don't waste anything.
How can you get food and more without spending? Poking around in the trash. Yeah, it's not nice to say or even to be done. But the trash tours, "trash tour", organized by Adam Weissman, the founder of the NY freegan group, are fruitful. He rummages in the garbage of supermarkets, restaurants, very often fishing perfectly packaged and eatable foods. The same is done with regards to clothing, books and more.

As the website explains – strategies for sustainable living against capitalism "Freegan are people who use alternative systems to live, based on limited participation in the conventional economy and on a minimal use of resources". Among other things, the site reports information on where and when to refuel. Example: in Brooklyn, on Sunday and Thursday evening, fresh vegetables can be found free of charge near this store. In Manhattan, on the Upper West Side, near that bakery, you can find bread and sandwiches. A few blocks away there is a kosher supermarket, ideal for those looking for cheese and macaroni. Without wasting anything and without spending a dollar.

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