Not sure which dress to choose? Start with the right one for your physicality!

The time has come to choose the clothes that will accompany you throughout the summer, and how to do it? Based on your physicality! Here is the CheDonna style guide that will show you how to keep up with trends by enhancing your body shape!

Choosing new clothing items can be a mission impossible. Because? Surely one of the reasons is the huge amount of articles on the market, which often only create confusion. The second reason is fashion, which often and willingly push us in a direction that is not for us. So shopping has become difficult, and we find ourselves returning home with full but never satisfied shopping bags. From today everything will change, because in this branded style guide CheWoman we will see which clothes to buy based on our physicality!

Physicality dress

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Who doesn’t know the Kardashian sisters? Even those who don’t follow them on social media or on television have all seen a photo of them wearing trendy clothes at least once. This because? Because the American sisters are among the most influential in the world in terms of fashion and make-up.

For example Kim Kardashian has even launched a new clothing collection called Skims in which she offers basic garments, underwear, swimwear and super-stretch, tight-fitting dresses.

Since the queen of social media wore the first super-tight stretch dress, the race for the tightest dress was born on social media, but this is not the right choice for everyone.

That’s right, why every physicality needs to be enhanced with the right dress. Do you want to find out which dress is right for you? Let’s find out!

Each dress has its own physicality: how to use trends to enhance your body shape!

The first rule of fashion consists in knowing how to exploit the trends of the moment and adapt them to one’s personality and physicality. Because we must always put what we are in the foreground, and not fashions, because these are temporary!

Physicality dress

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see which type of dress to choose based on our physicality:

  • stretch bodycon dress: trendy also thanks to Kim Kardashian’s clothing line, but who is it really good for? Certainly to slim bodies, but also to those curvy bodies that have large breasts and hips but a small waistline.
  • floral midi dress with elastic waist: another dress that will accompany us throughout the summer is the midi, floral patterned one, with elastic waistband. Perfect for pear shaped bodies, which show small shoulders and waist but wide hips.
  • pinafore dress or pouch dress: for rectangle physicalities, that is, that do not show a defined waistline, the choice is simple, bag dress. Straight that has no seam at the waist. Possibly short above the knee to slim the figure. By the way, white is the chic color of summer! Discover 5 items to have in this color!

Physicality dress

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The trendiest style guide ever, the one with the license plate, ends here again for today CheWoman who explained us how to choose the right dress based on our physicality!

See you at the next style guide, so as not to miss any news in terms of fashion, and more!

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