Nourishing and regenerating: try the carrot oil this summer

Nourishing and regenerating: try the carrot oil this summer

A natural oil rich in antioxidant substances that enhance the tan and protect skin and hair. To try!

Like all orange and red vegetables, the carrot is rich in beta carotene, an important substance for our health because it is transformed into vitamin A in the body, which is essential for healthy skin and eyes. To take full advantage of all the benefits of the carrot there is a product that is a real cure-all, especially in the summer season: carrot oil, a must in the weeks when we prepare for sun exposure, but also when the imperative is prolong the tan.

Carrot oil: what is it?

Carrot oil is obtained by macerating the dried and ground roots in a vegetable oil. During the maceration, the carrots release the fat-soluble substances and therefore enrich the oil which becomes an intense orange color.

Carrot oil: where it is

Carrot oil can be taken as a food supplement and can be found on the market in the form of pearls, or it can be used for external use, like a normal cosmetic oil. In this case the care is to buy one that contains at least 0.35% of beta carotene.

Carrot oil: because it is good

Carrot oil has antioxidant and protective properties, so it helps keep skin, hair, mucous membranes and eyes healthy. It also has a healing effect and can be useful in treating acne-prone skin. Used regularly it has an anti-wrinkle effect and gives a fresh and luminous complexion, it also prepares the skin to face sun exposure avoiding excessive stress.

Carrot oil: how to use it on the skin

To take advantage of the antiaging effect of carrot oil you can apply a few drops of pure oil on the skin during the evening beauty routine, followed – or mixed with – by your own moisturizer or wrinkle cream. To get an orange complexion and a bonne mine effect, just apply a few drops on your face before making up. Thanks to its nourishing and elasticising properties, carrot oil is useful for combating and preventing stretch marks, even those of pregnancy, perhaps combined with essential oil of musk rose. A shock treatment for dry skin? A gentle massage with carrot oil immediately after showering, when the skin is still moist. Applied on the skin starting from the weeks before the sun exposure, it prepares it for tanning and prolongs its beauty.

Carrot oil: how to use it on hair

Carrot oil is useful for dry, damaged or split ends, and also to prevent "vacation" damage, when sun exposure and contact with sand, salt and chlorine can stress lengths. The oil can be used pure on the tips, leaving it in place all night so that it is well absorbed, or it can be the basis of a nourishing pack. In this case, a tablespoon of carrot oil should be combined with a tablespoon of coconut oil and applied to damp hair and left on for at least an hour.

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