November favorites: must-have makeup products

November favorites: must-have makeup products

November favorites are must-have products that I use daily for a quick but complete makeup: don’t miss them

I chose to dedicate November’s favorite products only to makeup, enclosing 5 of my must haves that I use daily for a quick and easy make-up. They are perfect products for those who do not have time but want a neat and tidy makeup in really 5 minutes, in the morning as well as on any occasion. Let’s start from the face base, with a versatile foundation to create an opaque or super natural base, let’s define the eyes with a long-lasting pencil and a mascara, let’s give a glam touch with small rhinestones perfect to enrich and transform every look and conclude with a perfect product to volumize the lips, without fillers.


  • Tarte Amazonian Clay 16-hours Full Coverage Foundation
  • Nabla Cosmetics Cupid’s Arrow Longwear Stylo Arrow #7
  • Espressoh Intenso Mascara Moka
  • Crystal Rhinestone Lantern With Tweezers And Applicator
  • Nabla Cosmetics Viper Lip Plumper

Tarte Amazonian Clay 16-hours Full Coverage Foundation

The Tarte Amazonian Clay 16-Hours Full Coverage Foundation has been, for months now, a great love of mine that I use every day, for a day make-up or an evening make-up. It is incredibly versatile thanks to its formula because it can be easily modulated to obtain extreme coverage or a light and natural face base. The texture looks almost like a mousse, with a dry touch once applied to the face and I would recommend this foundation to those with oily, combination or normal skin, in this case moisturizing the skin well first.

long lasting full coverage foundation

Tarte Cosmetics, Amazonian Clay 16-Hours Full Coverage Foundation. Price: € 40.90 (often discounted) on

In the morning, for a very fast face base, I apply a little with my fingers and massage it: it instantly eliminates redness without being heavy but with a truly natural effect. The fact that it is a covering foundation allows you to use very little of it, also saving a lot because you use little product. I also use it instead of the concealer because it manages to cover my red and dark circles very well. If, on the other hand, the skin has some more imperfections or I want a very covering and smoothing effect, I apply it in greater quantities, always with my fingers to work the product well and the pores are visibly reduced. Excellent application even with a brush or sponge and, above all, it really lasts all day without separating or particularly polishing.

Nabla Cosmetics Cupid’s Arrow Longwear Stylo Arrow #7

I was never a big fan of eye pencils until I discovered Nabla Cosmetics Cupid’s Arrow Longwear Stylo. I had already told you about them in the past and you have seen them protagonists in several videos, but the Nabla Cosmetics Cupid’s Arrow Longwear Stylo Arrow # 7 has definitely captured my heart. It is a medium brown tending to burgundy, with a strong reddish component that makes it warm and therefore perfect for those with green or blue eyes. Precisely for this reason I love this pencil so much: every time I use it, even if only to create a quick gradient eyeliner, everyone tells me that I have very green eyes, because it enhances the color by making the green appear lighter and brighter.

brown eye pencil

Nabla Cosmetics, Cupid’s Arrow Longwear Stylo Arrow #7. Prezzo: 15,90€ su

Most of the time I use it to edge the lashes, stretching the line outwards for a quick and blended eyeliner, then dabbing with a warm brown eyeshadow of more or less the same color. I also apply it in the upper and lower inner rim to make the eyes even more green and the seal is really excellent, without the product molding on the eyelid or disappearing from the inner rim. But also try it as a base for warm smokey eyes, the result is guaranteed.

Espressoh Intenso Mascara Moka

Another great love of the last period is the brown mascara. Not just any one, but Espressoh Intenso Mascara Moka, which is not only a perfect brown, but is also an incredible mascara. Forget the mascaras that you stole from your mother at 10/12 (if you are elderly like me), of that light color on the lashes that did not give definition and did not make the look intense, which wanted to give a natural effect, almost without makeup and instead you find brown lashes of a color that is anything but realistic.

brown mascara

Espressoh, Intense Moka Mascara. Price: € 22.00 on

Espressoh Intenso Mascara Moka is a dark brown, cold neutral but not gray, perfectly balanced, reminiscent of the color of espresso in a cup. The brush is slightly hourglass, perfect for coloring all lashes, even the most external and internal ones. The formula is neither too liquid nor too thick and dry, so you can easily modulate the product by making several passes. With just one the effect is very natural, with two or three you get a curling, volumizing and lengthening effect, the classic effect that recalls false eyelashes without, however, acciocchettare or create lumps. Excellent durability, it does not crumble or melt during the day. It is not easy to remove make-up because it is super long-lasting: wet your eyes with warm water before using your cleanser or go with a two-phase or oily make-up remover.

Crystal Rhinestone Lantern With Tweezers And Applicator

By now you know that one of my great passions is makeup with dots: I started with just one under the eye to get to fill my eyes with polka dots, now they are almost my “signature look”, a makeup that characterizes me. Not just dots, I often also apply small rhinestones, which capture the light and make each makeup special, rich in reflections. I use any color, but the most classic are the transparent ones, Swarovsky effect. I buy them on Amazon and, for starters, I recommend the Crystal Strass Lantern Kit With Tweezers and Applicator. I don’t use the tweezers much, but the applicator has a wax tip which makes it easier not only to take the rhinestone from the package, but above all it is perfect for applying it precisely where you put the glue without staining it on the surface. In the kit there are transparent rhinestones and rhinestones with holographic reflections, of various sizes and are also great for using them on nails and creating nail art.

strass brillantini glitter nail art

Lantern, Crystal Strass With Tweezers And Applicator. Price, € 9.99 on

Nabla Cosmetics Viper Lip Plumper

A great classic among my all-time favorite lip products (actually all volumizing products) is Nabla Cosmetics Viper Lip Plumper. It is a lip plumper that really does what it promises but, compared to other products, has a beautiful gloss effect. Apply in small quantities if you are not used to these products, as it tingles and burns a little and you may not tolerate it. I, who am used to much stronger products, apply quite a few minutes before applying the lipstick if I want a bigger lip effect once applied.

volumizing lip gloss

Nabla Cosmetics, Viper Lip Plumper. Price: € 18.90 on

But I also really like it used alone, as if it were a real gloss because it has a moisturizing and softening formula, because it stays on the lips for a long time without completely removing it, even when eating or drinking and, above all, because it naturally gives a darker complexion and intense to the lips, recalling the circulation in that area. Really a must have.

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