Nude hair coloring: what it is and who is fine

Nude hair coloring: what it is and who is fine

An evolving trend: discover the natural effect that stars enjoy

2018 is upon us and new trends are approaching. The nude is a coloring that already this summer has captured the attention of many celebs who have scorned the most popular trends such as silver hair, Pumpkin Spice Latte and LaCroix or rainbow hair. In February there could be some big news regarding the nude and its natural evolution to what the hairstylists call nontouring, but, before then, enjoy three months of the most cruel "nude".

The nude hair borrows its color and its "mission" from the great make up artists: like the most suitable foundation it is the one that illuminates the face without upsetting the natural color of the complexion and defines the trend of "make up no make up" , so also for the hair the idea is to illuminate the color of the hair favoring the color of the skin without contrasts. In one word, the goal is to create harmony and elegance in a natural way.

This does not mean not being sophisticated: the glamor lies precisely in the grace and harmony of the lines and colors. The tones are those of beige, so much so that the designer Vanessa Bruno has coined the term "nude beige" to indicate all those nuances and highlights ranging from cream to caramel, from vanilla to rose gold, both in cold tones and in warm ones which serve to recall the very complexion. Every beige nude is personalized because the complexion is different from person to person.

This is why the stars are passionate about this trend, and some like Gigi Hadid have even abandoned a blond from California for the light golden brown that makes it sensual as never before. Amanda Seyfried also opted for nude, preferring to focus on a mix of rose gold, ash blonde and vanilla reflections. What about Jennifer Lopez who has always preferred nude to hair and make-up?

If the final question you are asking is "will it look good?", The answer is: the nude beige looks good on everyone because it is never a uniform color, but adjusted on the skin of each one and made to enhance the complexion. To wear with a make up and with a style nail polish.

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