Nunzia De Girolamo has Covid: the message on Instagram

Nunzia De Girolamo has Covid: the message on Instagram

Nunzia De Girolamo announced on Instagram that she tested positive for Coronavirus: the words of the former politician

Nunzia De Girolamo has Covid-19. It was politics to announce it in a video posted on Instagram. "This virus has not spared me – explained the former minister -: I also contracted Covid 19. After a dinner in Benevento with a person, who then tested positive, from Thursday afternoon I immediately put myself in self-isolation even from my husband and my daughter, as well as subjected to a first swab (negative result) ".

"I had nothing, but I was still in solitary confinement waiting for the other buffer – added Nunzia De Girolamo who did not hide that she was very tired -. Then Sunday came the severe pains in the bones, fever, cough and headache. Last night the result: positive. I really advise you to pay close attention. This disease is very low, it lurks in the most unexpected corners and strikes mercilessly. Not only pains and fever, but also unmatched fatigue. I had never been so tired in my life, even when my hectic life took me to sleep only a few hours a night ”. The former competitor of Dancing with the Stars and former politician then launched an appeal, inviting everyone to be very careful and protect themselves by using masks. “Be careful, always wear a mask, never let your guard down – he advised -. Keep a safe distance. And we thank science and medicine. Always. Health workers who are facing a pandemic, a difficult and unparalleled time ".

In connection with Myrta Merlino's program, L’Aria che Tira, Nunzia De Girolamo explained that she tested positive for Coronavirus after a contact at risk. The former politician immediately took all precautions to protect his family. Nunzia is in fact married to Francesco Boccia with whom she had her daughter Gea. “I took the swab on Friday, negative – he said -. Since Sunday, pains have started that I cannot explain, an excruciating thing. I had already scheduled a security buffer which I did yesterday and the bad news came. But I had already understood, never had pains like this ".

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