Nursing sports? All things to know

Nursing sports? All things to know

Breast-feeding sport is not prohibited; if it is done correctly and by choosing the right activities, it will also be beneficial

The period that comes immediately after the birth of the child is a time when the first step is to manage the psycho-physical stress of the first, during and postpartum.
In this phase, in fact, the mother needs to recover the forces that are still being severely tested with breastfeeding, especially in night-time feedings.
Giving milk is excellent not only because of the nature of the mother-child attachment, but because it is an exercise that helps the body to return to its ideal weight.
In any case, even if at the beginning it may seem not to be able to do it, the nursing sport as soon as it has found its own balance in the phase of breastfeeding, is of great help for the physique.

The first thing to know, and that new mothers can take into consideration, is that you don't just have to run to the park or spend days in the gym to regain your form.
Even walking is good for health, and practicing thirty minutes of brisk walking every day, for example, helps nursing mothers do a good exercise. It also serves to lose weight and above all not to feel too much effort, given the already precarious state of the new mother.
This exercise can also be done with your child in tow, thus not having to worry about where you can leave it during your physical activity.

Using a baby carrier, you can share with him an important moment that becomes useful for both.
The mother does her daily exercise without worries, and the child begins to discover the world that surrounds him, not suffering the sense of isolation and estrangement by spending too much time without contact with the mother, which is essential at this time in the child's life (also for the mother to avoid post-natal crisis).
Furthermore the bands are very comfortable both for the child who goes inside, and for the mothers who have to carry it attached to the body.

Another exercise to do is yoga. There are many courses organized specifically for pregnant mothers, which include sessions before and after the baby is born.
These courses are also created with the aim of eliminating a bad habit of many new mothers: isolating themselves during breastfeeding. For good physical and mental health, exercising in company is very important and necessary, and it also encourages socialization for the little ones.
Even if they seem unable to understand, they already perceive the presence of other children like them, and will be useful to them in the future, when they find themselves together with other children.

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