Oats: a cereal with many virtues

Oats: a cereal with many virtues

Oats are a healthy food full of energy, to be used in many ways to always stay healthy

Hundreds of studies document how important oats are to human health and in this article we will briefly introduce some of these. One of the most important qualities of oats is that of being completely gluten-free: this makes it the ideal food for those suffering from celiac disease. In celiacs, the addition of oats to the diet allows to reach the recommended daily intake of fiber and at the same time to increase the bilirubin levels in the blood. From this follows not only a faster disposal of free radicals from the body and also an increased protection of the brain against oxidative damage.

In addition, oats are known to be a low calorie food: for example, a cup of this cereal contains only 130 calories. The importance of oats in weight loss diets also lies in the fact that its permanence in the stomach is very long and this leads to a greater sense of satiety. Furthermore, among cereals, oats are the one with the highest protein content (it can be replaced with legumes), it is very rich in fiber but low in fat.

The benefits of oats, however, do not end there. Stabilizes blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of diabetes. In addition, the beta-glucan contained in the oatmeal helps the body to remove bad cholesterol without damaging the good cholesterol. Furthermore, some research has shown that oats contain elements (called "lysines") that actively protect the human body from heart disease and cancer. One of these lysins in particular, called "enterolactone", is useful in the prevention of breast cancer and many hormonal diseases.

In addition, oats are able to significantly improve the body's immune defenses and it has been shown that beta-glucan helps antibodies travel faster to the infection site, thus contributing to a more prompt and effective antibacterial action. Oats are also a useful remedy against drops in attention, stress and insomnia: the avenin contained in it has an energetic, toning and balancing effect on the entire nervous system.

Like most foods, oats can also have contraindications. One of the most important concerns the possible presence of gluten: it may happen, in fact, that in some uncontrolled crops, oats may be contaminated by nearby crops (which contain gluten). For this reason, especially if you suffer from celiac disease, it is good to always check the origin of what you are buying.

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