Observing animals frees us from stress: science confirms it

Observing animals frees us from stress: science confirms it

Videos and photographs of animals, taken in their daily lives, remove anxiety and make us feel good

You know all those videos and photos that depict animals in the most different situations and that flood the message boards of our social networks? Yes, precisely those from which we cannot detach ourselves and which inexplicably infuse us with a certain sense of well-being.

Here we tell you, you are not the only one, nor are you crazy: science confirms that watching videos and photographs of animals frees us from stress. Thanks to an interesting survey conducted by the University of Leeds, we have discovered and confirmed the beneficial power of pets.

In the first place there are puppies, of all species, and then those most tender specimens par excellence: Australian quokkas, dogs and cats, sugar gliders and bears, which lower the heartbeat and pressure in favor of a relaxation action that involves body and mind.

It is not, therefore, a generic impression, but a fact. Scientists at the University of Leeds, together with Tourism Western Australia, analyzed the behavior of different people in front of photographs and clips of cute quadrupeds or marsupial animals of various species to find out how, at the sight, the feeling of stress and anxiety was significantly reduced.

This does not surprise us much if we consider that, in recent times, even Google Trends has recorded an increase in the keywords "animal videos" included in the search engine, not only in Italy but on a global scale. The truth is that the universe of animals has always fascinated everyone, but it is thanks to technology and the web that we have the opportunity to have access to their daily lives.

We know well how much the presence of an animal, within our life, can upset and upset everything we know about relationships and love. Dogs, as well as cats and other pets teach us that there are bonds that are beyond human understanding.

But when it is not possible to have a furry animal in the house, the photographs and videos come to our aid. After all, scientists have demonstrated the validity of the texts with their investigation by showing that, visually, anxiety levels are reduced by 35% or even by half. In short, it is a full-blown antistress, wonderful and handy.

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