Obsessed with black leaks? They come back perfect if you use this, you can find it in your pantry

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Do black grouts cause you problems because you don’t know how to clean them? Don’t worry, there are natural remedies that can be right for you.

The escapes of the floor tiles of our house, in the long run, they can become black. And it is inevitable.

black leaks

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And a brush is not enough to clean everything and make them look like new again. We also know very well that cleaning with “normal” detergents – where by normal we mean the ones we all know and use – does nothing but pollute and also costs a lot.

Here then natural solutions come to our rescue. If we told you that you can clean up your blackened joints, make them look like new, spend very little and respect the Planet at the same time, would you believe it? You would do well to do so, considering that it is a solution that exists and how.

Here’s how you can clean black grout in no time, with very little effort and, most importantly, with very little money.

How to clean black grout with natural products

Clean the black joints, making them look practically perfect, without using polluting detergents, but only natural products, you can.

black leaks

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But what exactly should we use? There are so many products that work, so you can choose the one you prefer for your home.

The first is sodium percarbonate, an ecological additive that is also used to clean laundry, since it helps us to remove even the most stubborn stains.

How to use? Just dilute about 3 tablespoons in a little water and use what comes out to clean the black joints. You will have to let the product work overnight and then scrub in the morning with a brush and rinse everything.

A a very valid alternative is sodium carbonate – also known as “laundry soda” or “cleaning soda” – which is nothing more than an ecological powder product.

For it to be effective, you just need to add a couple of tablespoons to a little water and apply everything on the joints, leaving the product to act for a few hours before rinsing.

The very important thing you will need to remember is to always wear gloves when using it.

Another solution to clean black grout is sodium bicarbonate. Just prepare a sort of cream consisting of 50 grams of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of ecological liquid soap and a little warm water.

At that point, you just have to mix everything until you get a creamy mixture and apply it on the joints, leaving it to act overnight. In the morning you will have to brush and rinse, as per the above methods.

Another method for cleaning black grout is represented by hydrogen peroxide, with whitening power.

Just pick one with a low concentration to start (even 3% will do just fine, which is the same as we find in wound disinfectants, so to speak).

All you have to do is distribute the product along the joints and leave it to act overnight. The important thing is to remember to wear gloves when using it.

If you prefer, you can also add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to a little cornstarch: in this way you will get a creamy mixture that you will simply have to scrub with a toothbrush.

Finally, the last solution is to use the vaporetto. This is very useful in case of stubborn dirt and will also work great on external surfaces (such as on the terrace floor).

It must be said that some models also have brushes that are used to clean the tile joints, so obviously in this case you will also be facilitated, because it will be easier to use it.

If you are also looking for a method to clean your oven, here is a truly revolutionary one.

In any case, by putting these very simple methods into practice, black escapes will never be a problem again for you.

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