October favorites: “my eyes” for a perfect look on any occasion

October favorites: “my eyes” for a perfect look on any occasion

A month full of products for the eyes, makeup in particular, but without neglecting skincare: here are the October favorites

October lights up the autumn colors all around us: it makes us want warm and enveloping shades, greens, oranges and reds. But it is also a particular period, this, which always sees us with the face covered by a mask not to mention the skin, including maskne, that is, the acne caused by the mask, skin that tends to be more shiny and impure but, at the time itself, to dry out due to the wind and the first cold.

October favorites wink at skincare, with a product dedicated to the day, but at the same time turn to the eyes, including mascara, eyelash primer, palette and glue for false eyelashes. Ready to discover them?

Mulac Cosmetics M.I.L.F. palette

The M.i.l.f. Palette by Mulac Cosmetics is the perfect palette for autumn: it mixes warm and enveloping colors, between browns, mustard and reddish tones with colder colors. A combination of opaque, shimmer, metallic and glitter shades, to create particular and not obvious looks. Neutral shades are perfect for making day makeup, with natural tones but, at the same time, they can be intensified, making them perfect for the evening. Touches of color, including red, mustard and green, then make this palette special and perfect for creating different but always elegant looks.

All colors are easy to blend, buttery and layered, to achieve greater or lesser saturation. The metallic and shimmer shades, on the other hand, are applied with the brush, for a less intense finish or directly with the fingers, to release all the pearls that enrich the makeup with multi-reflective facets. Perfect for quick looks, blending a metallic shade on the mobile eyelid and a transition color to give depth to the crease or for more structured makeup, to unleash your creativity.

Source: Mulac Cosmetics

Rimmel Ultimate Volume Boost Lash Primer Eyelash Primer

Eyelash primer is not a widely used makeup product, despite mascara being one of the most popular and favorite cosmetics. Often you don't feel the need, because a good mascara already gives you a magnetic look. But with this primer it is different, especially if we think that it is placed among the shelves of the most classic perfumeries and, therefore, the price is reduced, but the performances are at the levels of competitors who cost much more. Rimmel Ultimate Volume Boost Lash Primer is white and is applied before applying the classic mascara.

The wide brush allows you to apply the product quickly, combing the lashes and giving them thickness and length already with the first stroke. With the second, you can see how the lashes are thickened, a magic that is revealed when the mascara is applied, whatever it is. The lashes are colored black without creating lumps or acciocchettarsi, although there is already the product underneath. False eyelash effect guaranteed, volume, curl, thickening and extreme length, what more could you want?

Source: Rimmel

Lancôme Grandiôse Extreme Mascara

Lancôme Grandiôse Extreme is a mascara that catches the attention, for its luxurious pack, the particular brush and the extra black formula. The pack is very particular, rounded on the bottom, satin black, which fades upwards becoming transparent, as if it were a crystal containing a rose inside. The real surprise, however, is once opened, because it reveals a small silicone brush, almost S-shaped.

When you get used to this peculiarity, applying mascara becomes very simple, especially reaching the shorter lashes on the inner corner but also those of the outer corner, without dirtying the eyelid. It is also perfect for defining lower lashes, given its small size. Intense black, gives volume, curvature and separates the lashes without acciocchettarli and is also layered, for a greater or lesser volume according to taste, up to a false lash effect, without any lump.

Source: Lancôme

Duo Eyelash Adhesive Glue for false eyelashes – green version

False eyelashes, joy and pain of eye makeup. There are those who love them, because they open their eyes, make it sensual and magnetic and enrich the look, there are those who hate them, especially because they do not know how to apply them. Apart from choosing the false eyelashes that suit your eye, its size and shape, it is the glue that makes the difference. For beginners, it is better to avoid black glues, which would risk dirtying the make-up and create smudges, and better to avoid those that dry immediately, without giving time to move the false eyelashes. However, even those with a formula that takes a long time to dry should be avoided, because in this case it is not possible to understand when it is time to apply them.

The Duo Eyelash Adhesive in its green version is the right compromise. Compared to the classic version, it is less liquid and dries a little faster, but not too much, thus leaving the time to handle the lashes, move them and arrange them, without spreading the glue everywhere. Easy to apply also because it has a comfortable brush with which to pass on the band of the lashes, in order to dose it properly without risking dirtying the lashes. Makeup artist approved!

Source: Nyx ​​Professional Makeup

Caudalie Resveratrol-Lift Crème Cachemire Redensifiante day cream

Speaking of skincare, the novelty of the month is undoubtedly the new version of the Resveratrol-Lift Crème Cashemere Redensifiante cream by Caudalie. A brand that has always been attentive to the use of natural extracts, in particular the Resveratrol present in grapes and vines, this day cream contains this precious ingredient. But not only that, to maintain high levels of hydration there is also hyaluronic acid, and vegan collagen extracted from mahogany bark, which is nothing more than a plant substitute for real collagen, of animal origin.

It is a cream designed from 35/40 years upwards, because it redensifies and has an anti-aging action given the ingredients present inside, but even a younger skin can benefit from its rich but not heavy texture, perfect for this period of year or as a make-up base. Caudalie, who by 2022 plans to create 100% recycled packs as well as for tubes and bottles, already with Crème Cashmere Redensifiante is implementing her promises: 100% recycled plastic, paper that respects forests and carbon emissions decreased by 40%.

Source: Caudalie

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