Off to summer sales throughout Italy! Shopping guide: what to buy?

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Off to summer sales throughout Italy! From today we will be able to buy our favorite dresses at discounted prices. But beware: not all that glitters is gold! Here is the CheDonna style guide that will show you how to carry out careful and conscious summer shopping!

From today Saturday 2 July all over Italy clothing and accessories stores will experience one of the most important periods, commercially, of the year: i summer sales. A period ranging from 6 to 10 weeks, depending on the region, in which we consumers will be able to buy clothing at discounted prices. But beware: not everything that glitters is gold!

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In Italy the rules of trade are clear and national discounts occur only twice a year: in January and July. These sales periods are useful in many ways: they allow shopkeepers to sell items left in stock at reduced prices in order to make room for the new collection, plus consumers will have the opportunity to buy expensive items with reduced budgets.

However, we must not let ourselves be attacked by the heat of the sales and buy everything, because the first step to be a true fashion lover is knowing how to buy “consciously”.

This word contains many meanings. The first certainly refers to environmental issues, that is to reduce waste to a minimum by avoiding unnecessary purchases. In addition, conscious shopping means the the possibility that the consumer has of being able to buy potentially quality garments at lower prices.

But be careful: why tripping over the rip-off may be easier than we think. So here’s a simple guide to surviving the summer sales!

Off to summer sales throughout Italy! For conscious shopping, always keep these concepts in mind: always check the tags, buy only the necessary and think about next season!

Before heading to our favorite stores and shopping, conscious purchases begin in our homes: we reorganize our closet. Let’s see the clothes we own, those to recycle and those to keep. This way we will have a clear picture of what we can and cannot buy!

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Here are the key points for conscious shopping:

  • always check the tags: the fact that there are sales throughout Italy does not mean that all the items in a store are subject to discounts. Then choose the item to buy, check the tag, the original price, the discount percentage and the final price. If you are satisfied with what you read then proceed with the purchase!
  • never buy duplicate items: in a historical period in which the fashion sector is considered as the most polluting in the world we must pay attention to what we buy. We avoid duplication and we must prefer garments from recycled materials or made with low energy consumption. Only in this way will we be able to push manufacturing companies to make fewer items to be put on the market.
  • off-season shopping: generally the lower discount percentages refer to off-season items. I’ll explain. We are in summer and the most convenient choice is to buy winter clothes. Stores need to get rid of stock items to make room for new ones, so they will put a higher discount percentage on off-season clothing. So think about buying a new jacket for the winter, or a good quality boot. So you will have saved a lot and you will find yourself starting the new season with lots of new items already in your wardrobe! By the way, these are the trendiest summer looks of the moment, and you will love them!

Summer sales italy

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This is the end of this branded style guide CheWoman who saw how to best survive the summer sales!

See you at the next style guide, with all the news in terms of fashion, and more!

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