Old sweaters? Here’s what to do to not throw them away!

Home accessories and more: here are some practical ideas for recycling old sweaters!

Sweaters are warm, soft and comfortable: but what to do with them in the unfortunate event that they are ruined by moths? Or do they wear down from wear and tear after years of honorable service? Here are some ideas for you!

How to recycle old sweaters: recover the fabric to be regenerated!

If you are not a big DIY lover and if your sweater is 100% wool or cashmere you can recover the yarn to be regenerated: in Italy there are several companies that collect old or damaged garments to recard them and trim the fabric. , making new garments with raw materials that would otherwise have been destined for landfills. Among these companies, I would like to point out Rifò, from Prato and Filoutore, from Ravello.

How to recycle old sweaters: recover the fabric to cover objects

You can use the fabric recovered from old sweaters, perhaps not in 100% wool or cashmere but in mixed fibers, to cover objects you have at home, for example old cardboard boxes. In this way you can make them become perfect furnishing accessories! All you need is a pair of scissors and vinyl glue and that’s it. For tutorials to follow, you can watch on Pinterest or YouTube, there are dozens of them.

How to recycle old sweaters

How to recycle old sweaters: make socks with sleeves

The sleeves of sweaters lend themselves very well to creating not only socks to take at home or to go out perhaps under the boots, but also leg warmers for the gym or dance.

How to recycle old sweaters: make a blanket

If you have manual skills and maybe a sewing machine, you can make a patchwork blanket with scraps of your old sweaters. Just choose the colors by creating a ton sur ton set, or in contrast, letting yourself be guided by your taste and your imagination!

How to recycle old sweaters: make pillow cases

If the remnants are not enough or are small in size, you can patchwork some beautiful pillow cases or new fabrics to cover other objects matched to each other in the various rooms.

And finally… create a bag

With the front and back of the sweaters, turning them inside out and closing the neck opening, you can create winter bags! Just add some leather handles or make them using the sleeves.

How to recycle old sweaters

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