On skis from 3 years

As with all sports, there is no right age to start skiing. Pediatricians and sports doctors, however, believe that if the child is healthy, he does not present particular balance problems and trots quickly on his legs for a few months, around 3 years you can already think of enrolling him in an individual ski course (for group lessons on baby slopes better wait 6/7 years). Many ski resorts have equipped baby parking (moderate slope, presence of inflatables and games, maneuvers instead of ski lift for the ascent …) designed specifically for novice children with teachers specialized in teaching the very young.

More than teaching a technique, the child is asked to become familiar with the snow in a mostly playful way (it is essential, in fact, that the lessons have a playful character and do not last more than an hour). In this way, the child learns to stay in balance on skis (which, moreover, which at this age is quite simple having the children shorter legs and lower center of gravity) and to imitate the movements of the teacher by developing his motor skills having fun.

No danger regarding fracture risks: children's bones are, in fact, very flexible and normally resist well to possible bumps and trauma from falls. As for the equipment, the skis must be of a smaller size than the height of the child, the boots of an additional number and the sticks, once gripped, must allow the arm to form an angle of 90 °.
The helmet, which must be approved and bear the CE initials and the EN 1077 mark, is compulsory for children under the age of 14 while a mask or sunglasses are essential to protect the little one's eyes from the sun.
Cotton t-shirts, microfleece or capilene sweatshirts, fleece and padded and waterproof overalls, will protect the little one from the cold.
Finally, remember to anoint the child's face with a good sunscreen with a total protection factor since the sun in the mountains is particularly insidious and the risk of sunburn is high.

If mom and dad are skiing and the child has become familiar with the snow and has already followed a fair number of lessons with the teacher, no problem skiing all together. Choose, however, not excessively difficult slopes that the little one may not be able to tackle, avoid off-piste skiing and pay particular attention to the super crowded slopes. From the first descents, then, teach the little one respect for the safety rules on the ski slopes so that he starts immediately to have a correct attitude also towards other skiers.


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