On Sunday In, Mara makes a gaffe with Daniele and then they get excited with Carlotta

On Sunday In, Mara makes a gaffe with Daniele and then they get excited with Carlotta

On Sunday In Eleonora Daniele presents his little Carlotta, and between the emotions Mara Venier makes a gaffe

40th episode for Domenica In, with an unstoppable Mara Venier: despite the broken foot, in fact, the undisputed queen of Sunday afternoon is continuing to conduct her show, with the usual verve and sympathy.

The appointment began with a long-awaited guest: in connection with her home in Rome Eleonora Daniele chatted with Aunt Mara, obviously talking about the birth of her daughter, Carlotta.

The interview began immediately with a Venier gaffe, who greeted Eleonora and said: "Let's go on, dear Daniela!" Despite the small initial slip, the chat between the two has reserved many emotions and many tears of emotion.

Daniele said of the recovery after cesarean delivery, which was not easy: "But the joy of Carlotta's arrival repays everything, any kind of pain". On the day of her daughter's birth, the presenter of Storie Italiane aired like every day. Immediately after the end of the program, the waters broke, as she said:

In reality it all happened very quickly. I had already had the first preparatory contractions, but Carlotta was to be born in June. Unfortunately, that day she had gone wrong, with her head on the right, so the gynecologist told me that it would have been better to have her born immediately.

Eleonora let herself be carried away by emotions, and like every mother, she wanted to express all her happiness:

Look at Mara, it was the greatest joy of my life: I didn't think it was such a great emotion, I never tried such a thing.

Then she confessed that Venier was the first to answer the phone after the birth of her baby: "I had left the operating room and said 'Wait for Carlottina, I have to answer your godmother!". The two conductors then reviewed an excerpt from the interview a few months ago, when Eleonora had proposed to Mara that she was Carlotta's godmother. Among the tears of emotion, Daniele wanted to thank her friend:

At that moment I had a thousand thoughts, a thousand fears, but that embrace that we exchanged was important for me. I thank you for the interview about my brother, it was very exciting: I feel very attached to you, you are a real person.

Obviously Daniele also spoke of her husband Giulio Tassoni, who is in seventh heaven for Carlotta's arrival: "He is very happy, we had to get used to a new life, in three. Yesterday she put her to sleep on her shoulder, she looks a lot like him, "he revealed moving.

During the interview, the presenter of Storie Italiane admitted that she had experienced difficult moments after the birth of her baby, because she was unable to see her family immediately and experience the joy of motherhood with her relatives: "I missed you a lot", he confessed. Eleonora then picked up her little girl, presenting her to Venier and to all the public on Sunday In: "Look at Mara, it's the most beautiful thing in the world!".

Venier concluded the interview by complimenting her friend: "I have to congratulate you on how you carried out your program: you gave me the strength to carry on Sunday In a big belly. You are a special person and your husband is lucky to have a partner like you! ".

Mara Venier and Eleonora Daniele

Mara Venier and Eleonora Daniele live on Sunday In. Source: Rai

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