On Sunday Live, the unpublished D’Urso in a denim dress. And a revelation about Maria Teresa Ruta appears

Domenica Live, la D’Urso inedita in abito di jeans. E spunta una rivelazione su Maria Teresa Ruta

Anna, the ex of Roberto Zappulla, makes new revelations about Maria Teresa Ruta in the living room of Barbara D'Urso

Like every weekend, Barbara D’Urso returns to the studio with Domenica Live and gives us some new twists. This time the attention was focused on Maria Teresa Ruta and her relationship with her husband Roberto Zappulla: in fact, new revelations emerge from Anna Partziale, the ex of the music producer.

The new episode of Domenica Live opens with a brand new look for Barbara D’Urso: the presenter, radiant as always, wore a long denim dress at the ankles, with a deep central slit and a wide neckline. A particular choice, which however seems to give a lot to the presenter. And the details really hit the spot, especially the pretty white embroidery adorning the top of the dress and the sleeves.

But it is not just the look of the D'Urso that leaves everyone speechless: during the episode there were numerous surprises, starting with the revelations of Anna Partial. As a guest in the studio on Domenica Live, the woman told her love story with Roberto Zappulla, which ended when the latter started dating Maria Teresa Ruta, now 13 years ago. In recent days, the popular presenter and current competitor of Big Brother Vip spoke of Anna, referring to her as the ex of her husband Roberto from whom she had a son.

“She met Roberto and got pregnant. He didn't want to marry her, but he stayed close to her. He never promised this woman anything. He told me he was free ”- explained La Ruta in the GF Vip House. His words embittered Anna, who wrote a long email to the Sunday Live editorial team asking to be able to reply, so as to tell her truth. Barbara, hosting her in the studio, gave her the long-awaited opportunity: "Maria Teresa Ruta took the liberty of describing my love story with my son's father (lasting 10 years) a story of one evening and a desired son accidentally".

To the microphones of the Canale 5 show, Ms. Partziale thus explained her version of events. According to his words, Roberto Zappulla would have left her to go to Milan justifying his removal for reasons of work, and then start attending the Ruta: "After about twenty days, Roberto returned home, he told me that he would gone, that he had his life in Milan and that between us it was over because we no longer got along, which is not true ”. All this happened 13 years ago, and since then the record producer has never separated from Maria Teresa. But what the latter revealed to the GF Vip cameras, it seems, deeply hurt Anna Partziale.

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