On Tuesday, how Rai programming changes for the celebrations

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On the occasion of Monday, the Rai programming changes: many appointments to celebrate Dante Alighieri

On the occasion of Dantedì, the day dedicated to Dante Alighieri, the programming on the Rai networks changes. On 25 March 700 years since the death of the Supreme Poet are celebrated with many initiatives and special programs to discover the creator of the Divine Comedy. There will be many in-depth studies and appointments that will take place throughout the day until 7.15 pm when there will be live coverage from the Salone dei Corazzieri at the Quirinale with the Celebration of the Dante Year. Present Sergio Mattarella, President of the Republic, Dario Franceschini, Minister of Culture, and Roberto Benigni who will read a Canto della Divina Commedia.

Rai Uno celebrates Dante starting from Unomattina with insights and space for the great poet, then moves on to Today is another day, a show hosted by Serena Bortone in which there will be a space reserved only for Dantedì. After the live broadcast from the Salone dei Corazzieri, Dante and power will be broadcast on the first Rai network in the late evening, documentaries edited by professor Alessandro Barbero shot in the monumental complex of Santa Croce, in Florence.

On Rai Due there will be many broadcasts that adhere to Dantedì, from I Fatti Vostri to Detto Fatto up to the 1920s. On Rai Tre at Quante Storie Monsignor Gianfranco Ravasi will be a guest to talk about Dante Alighieri, while Maestri and Geo will remember the greatness of Dante . In prime time, Roberto Benigni's The Fifth of Hell will be broadcast, with an introduction by Corrado Augias. The latter will also be present in Dante's Italy with Aldo Cazzullo.

There will also be initiatives on Rai Cultura and Rai Storia. Passato e Presente will be broadcast on both channels with Paolo Mieli ready to discover Dante thanks to Professor Giuseppe Ledda, professor of Italian literature at the University of Bologna, but above all a member of the scientific committee of the Italian Dante Society and of the Dante Group of the Associazione degli Italianists.

Not only the main channels, the other spaces of the company in Viale Mazzini will also dedicate time to Dante Alighieri on the occasion of the Monday. On Rai Cinque the appointment is with Visions and Dantesque Vespers. On Rai Storia, the Divine Comedy and Dante will be told with the words of Vittorio Gassman, while on Rai Scuola the 11 lessons of the infinite Encyclopedia will be revealed. Dante and the Divine Comedy created by the Dante Alighieri Society.

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