One woman out of two cheats on her man. And Carlo Cracco is on top of wishes

According to a survey published in the magazine For Men Magazine

Common thinking wants men to be more likely to betray their partners than women.

In fact, according to a survey published in the March issue of For Men Magazine, the men's monthly magazine in Cairo Publishers, and commissioned to S&G Kaleidos, almost one in two women reported having cornified their partner, boyfriend or husband.

In detail, in fact, as many as 46.1% of 10,000 women between 18 and 54 years admitted betrayal.

As for the reasons, 70.4% explained that they did not do it because they were not sexually satisfied by the "traditional" partner but, more than anything else, to prove to themselves that they are still attractive and seductive.

A warning, therefore, for men: never neglect your own women!

Speaking of sex, another question from the survey was: "What is your most recurring erotic fantasy?" And, with 14.5% of the votes, won an evergreen: the mènage à trois.

In second place, with 12.2%, on the other hand, the desire for domination and submission, perhaps influenced by novels and films of 50 shades of… '.

"In fifth place – said the director of the magazine, Andrea Biavardi – with a 7.7% that may seem small, but it is actually disruptive, the desire to have sex with another woman enters. For the first time the Sapphic relationship is cleared through customs, and it is known that it is difficult to return ".

Finally, to register a surprising new entry in the ranking of men with whom women would betray their partner: in fact, while the actor Luca Argentero (21.3%) ranks first, the second is the famous chef Carlo Cracco (16.6%), who had more support than even Raoul Bova and Alessandro Gassman.

Masterchef, in short, has not only opened the doors of the restaurant to talented cooks but also those of desire for many Italian women … after all, eros and food are well together, right?

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