Only if they have had an orgasm do women make this sound

Only if they have had an orgasm do women make this sound

They called it the sound of female enjoyment. If a woman makes this sound it means that she has reached the peak of pleasure.

It is not uncommon for a woman to scream and moan during [email protected] but these may indicate that she is enjoying herself but not that she has reached orgasm unless that is the sound we are about to reveal to you, the sound of female enjoyment.

female orgasm sound

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In films and in cinematic and erotic performances, the female orgasm is often represented by a grandiose scream during the final [email protected] but in reality this representation would not be exact. Perhaps women themselves have never noticed the sound they emit at that particular moment and yet it is a sound that they all emit.

This is what orgasmic pleasure sounds like for a woman

A site of erotic accessories Bijoux indiscrets, wanted to shed light on the issue and to complete its vast range of products designed for sexuality, it added its own orgasm sound library.

female orgasm sound

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If you are thinking of wild screams and deep moans you are off track, orgasmic pleasure sounds quite different. The erotic woman does not necessarily emit screams of pleasure.

The scream is so associated with orgasm due to the influence of the cinema that it is used by women even when they fake it. Actually pretending and simulating to please the partner is counterproductive for the couple’s [email protected] life as it does not allow the man to understand in which direction to go to please the partner and if it is discovered it is far from flattering for her ego. .

The site he attempted to provide the true sound of pleasure creating a sound library, after interviewing numerous men and women anonymously, he concluded that the sound of female pleasure it is not unique. Each woman emits the of her, what is valid for all is that this sound it is audible and more real than ever.

It is a sound that is whispered, at times, shouted, even breathed and yet leaves no doubts.

Over time, every man learns to decipher the sound emitted by the partner at the height of his enjoyment so as to be able to immediately defeat any simulation. A few encounters are not enough to have the certain key that allows us to understand whether a woman has really had an orgasm or not. If you think that it is much easier for men, you may not yet know that men can have an orgasm even without ejaculating.

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