Only then can you live serenely, with honesty

Only then can you live serenely, with honesty

Being honest and consistent with yourself and others leads you to happiness

You can't always tell the truth, it would be unlivable, but you can be honest and that's what counts. Honesty and consistency. Absolute sincerity is a great beauty, but think about it, what would it be like if each of us really said what he thinks?

Unfortunately we are not allowed to tell the truth in all circumstances and there are very few who can afford it, they are stupid or very rich people. We can aspire to be consistent, with ourselves and with others.

Honesty really makes the difference. If we act honestly we have nothing to fear and hide, and we can more easily expose our point of view, acting accordingly. Without the famous skeletons in the closet that prevent you from saying and acting in the best way.

According to a study conducted by the University of Notre Dame of the United States, honest and truthful people are in excellent health. Being honest, in fact, allows us to be comfortable with the world and live with serenity, without having a guilty conscience or guilt.

Honesty is good for us first of all, it gives us inner peace and helps us to live naturally. Of course, this does not mean that we can always be honest and consistent. Life is not a film, where it is all white or all black. In life there are nuances, and therefore there is also gray with its gradations.

Being honest is a choice but it does not mean being always sincere. Honesty is the best way to live a life in which one is not forced to show a face that does not belong to us. We are subjected to stressful situations and hectic days all the time, but we do not have to change who we really are to transform ourselves into people we do not want to be and who do not embody our values.

When you make mistakes, for example, always try to understand your mistakes and admit the reality of facts without downloading faults or finding millions of excuses. Admitting your mistakes is a demonstration of honesty. Both towards our person and that wound.

Life is a great adventure, only if we live it honestly can we be really happy.

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