Oral exams for the Terza Media and the Maturity 2021

Oral exams for the Terza Media and the Maturity 2021

Also this year the state exams will be oral. It will start from the discussion of a paper, an opportunity to enhance diversity

Oral exams for the third grade and high school graduation also this year. It will start from the discussion of a paper, which will allow children to demonstrate how much they have learned and their personal skills. An opportunity to enhance diversity.

The 2021 Third Media exam will be oral

An ordinance of the Ministry of Education confirms that the Third Media exam will consist of an oral test starting from the discussion of a paper on a topic that the class councils will assign by 7 May.

The teachers will have to take into account the personal characteristics of each student and each student and will follow them individually in the preparation of the paper. Everyone can choose the form they deem most suitable, from the classic written essay to multimedia, artistic or practical productions that may involve one or more disciplines. The paper must be submitted to the commission by 7 June.

The vote will be in tenths, with the possibility of obtaining honors. And to prepare there is Redooc, with many lessons, videos, mind maps and interactive exercises in Mathematics, Italian and English dedicated to the Middle School.

The 2021 Maturity will be oral

The State Exam that closes the second cycle of education will also be, as it happened in 2020, exclusively oral. The interviews will start on June 16 and students will be asked to submit a paper assigned by the class council.

The most characterizing subjects of the curriculum may be integrated with the personal interests and experiences of the students, also gained in the context of the Pathways for transversal skills and orientation, which in any case will not represent a necessary requirement for admission to the exam . The subject of the paper will be assigned to each student by 30 April and the work must be delivered to the reference teacher by 31 May.

As stated in the press release of the Ministry, "the paper may have the most varied form, in order to take into account the specificity of the different study fields, the planning of the school institutions and the characteristics of the student in order to enhance the peculiarities and the personalized path taken ".

The commission will be composed of internal members with the exception of the President and, after the discussion of the paper, will submit to each candidate a literary text to be analyzed and other materials, such as documents, projects or problems. To prepare, the high school students have at their disposal on Redooc, in the section dedicated to High Schools, a lot of material on Mathematics, Physics and Italian. In the final grade, expressed in hundredths, the academic path will be worth up to a maximum of 60 points and the oral exam 40 points.

An opportunity to enhance diversity

"The exam will allow female students and students to express what they have gained over their years of study. Students, through their paper, which can be a text, but also a practical test or a multimedia product, will be able to demonstrate what they have learned and understood, their capacity for critical thinking and expression. The exam must be conceived as the right of all female students and all students to be assessed on the basis of the school activities carried out throughout their course. Taking into account the difficulties experienced during the health emergency ". These are the words of the new Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi.

The hope, therefore, is that these third-level and high school exams, despite the complex situation determined by Covid-19, will be an opportunity for the students who will face them to express their talents. So even students with SLD will be able to focus on their creativity, an extra gear to be exploited for the preparation of the paper.

If everyone can field their own peculiarities and be able to transform them into a strength, diversity will finally be a value.

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