Orange diet: you lose three pounds in a month. How does it work

Orange diet: you lose three pounds in a month. How does it work

With the orange diet you lose up to 3 pounds in a month and fill up with vitamin C, strengthening the immune system

Juicy and rich in nutritional properties, oranges are the protagonists of a diet that allows you to lose up to three kilos in a month.

Citrus fruits are a true elixir of well-being, especially in winter, when we need to strengthen the immune system, but also in summer, when we are looking for a food that helps us replenish substances lost due to heat. In particular, oranges, rich in vitamin C and mineral salts, help to counteract aging, create a barrier against diseases and prevent tumors. Not only that, they are also a fat-burning fruit, perfect for reactivating the metabolism and helping us lose the extra pounds.

What makes this fruit special is the fact that it is particularly versatile and can be consumed throughout the day. It offers an excellent amount of energy and vitamins, adding flavor to each dish. Oranges can be consumed in the form of juice, to counteract the action of free radicals and to say goodbye to fat pads on legs, buttocks and hips, they are tasty even with salad or as an afternoon snack.

How does the orange diet work? It is a low-calorie regime that provides for the daily consumption of 1400 calories. This means that you will not have to deal with the sense of hunger and you will lose weight constantly, avoiding the hated (and dangerous) yo-yo effect. Thanks to this diet it is possible to lose up to 3 kg in one month, but the fat-burning action of oranges can increase if you also practice half an hour of physical activity a day.

There is no fixed menu, no particular restrictions, the important thing is to consume the oranges in large quantities throughout the day, combining these citrus fruits with other foods that have the power to make us lose weight. At breakfast, enjoy a sugar-free orange juice, accompanied by two slices of wholemeal bread and a low-fat plain yogurt. At lunch, bring brown rice with orange, fennel and olives to the table, while at dinner enjoy natural tuna, with bits of this citrus and celery. Finally, as a snack, always taste an orange, accompanied by some almonds.

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