Oranges and Lemons to fight obesity, diabetes and heart disease

Oranges and Lemons to fight obesity, diabetes and heart disease

Obesity is a very common problem that affects both adults and children, but there are some foods that are particularly effective in fighting this pathology

Obesity brings numerous inconveniences to individuals who are affected. It is a real disease from which it is not always easy to get out. We must first understand that a correct diet is the key to feeling fit and staying healthy. Not only that, healthy eating also allows you to keep your own line. Associating it with regular physical activity allows you to achieve truly optimal results. As a result, all efforts are rewarded and you feel satisfied with your body. This does not mean making constant sacrifices, but simply following simple and useful precautions, avoiding junk foods and sugars to achieve the objectives. What is not yet considered, however, is that the metabolic syndrome and all similar pathologies can be contrasted with the regular intake of oranges and lemons. In fact, these citrus fruits conceal many virtues and one of the greatest potentials is to counteract the effects of obesity, which stems from a diet rich in fats and sugars. These fruits guarantee the body a high amount of vitamins and at the same time ensure antioxidant properties which have the task of preventing all the ailments caused by obesity.

Recent research has highlighted the many benefits of orange juice. Specifically, these positive effects make orange juice the perfect ally for people who follow a diet rich in fats that can involve the risk of cardiovascular disease. In fact, obesity is a real risk factor, since it can involve the development of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Such complications can arise due to inflammation and oxidative stress. Consuming high-fat foods can result in the storage of these substances, which can adversely affect cell health. It is precisely this process that causes oxidative stress. So the amount of fat cells is greater for people suffering from obesity and this does not allow the body to completely fight the molecules through antioxidants. Therefore these studies could bring to light many positive and useful aspects for the treatment of these pathologies.

The same applies to the treatment of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The insidious problem of obesity that unites many people could finally be tackled effectively. Precisely some experts, thanks to recent studies, have discovered that orange juice is able to act effectively on the body to fight chronic diseases. In particular, if this substance is taken in the form of pharmaceutical doses it allows to decrease the glucose in the blood. As a result, there is a marked improvement in arterial health and insulin production. This process therefore allows for a significant improvement in the state of health and well-being. But how exactly does this substance work? Apparently, constantly taking orange juice helps to increase a very specific protein, or Glo1, also called "glyoxalase". Its purpose in the body is to reduce a very important sugar derivative, called methylglyoxal. This finding emerged thanks to a study conducted on numerous people suffering from obesity or overweight.

Precisely their BMI was between 25 and 40. So this is a great step forward for which experts are ready to get started with the aim of making a drug containing this fundamental substance. It will be a huge step forward that will help alleviate all the symptoms and ailments resulting from obesity. This development could give rise to a real revolution for the treatment of these pathologies, but nevertheless we must never forget what are the basic rules for following a healthy lifestyle. With a pinch of goodwill, very little is needed to start respecting specific rules and say goodbye to bad habits such as leading a sedentary life, consuming junk food and not performing intense physical activity. On the other hand, the latter is one of the main factors to combat obesity. This does not mean practicing strenuous and demanding workouts every day, just start gradually and carry out simple daily exercises. In addition, combining physical activity with a healthy diet rich in nutritious and healthy foods will allow you to obtain the desired results with a little patience. It is also possible to match everything to some current treatments such as massages and body care treatments. Determination and willpower will surely be rewarded.

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