Organic Cotton T-Shirt: Not the usual white T-shirt!

Attention not only to the materials, but also to the realization of the garments: don't just call them t-shirts!

The white t-shirt is an indispensable garment in our wardrobe, because it allows us to combine in an easy and functional way many other pieces of our wardrobe, which we may find it difficult to wear, making them less dramatic and making them easier. However, cotton is also one of the fibers with the greatest impact on the environment. Furthermore, even with regard to social sustainability, it is not really a “good” fabric. Fortunately, there are those who make cotton t-shirts in an ethical and sustainable way. Let's see some brands.

Organic Cotton T-Shirt: The Optimistic Apple

This is Vittoria's brand, very young, vegan and very attentive to the rights of people and animals. His T-shirts, white but also in soft colors that recall the earth and nature in general, are made with PETA Vegan Approved certification and are both very simple and with embroidered phrases dedicated to love for the environment.

Organic Cotton T-Shirt: Not the usual white T-shirt!

The Optimistic Apple

Organic cotton t-shirt: CasaGIN

Veneto brand that produces entirely ethical and sustainable homewear, swimwear and underwear. Alongside their viscose line, they also have GOTS-certified white cotton t-shirts, V-neck or crew neck, basic or printed with a panda, a polar bear or a whale, made in collaboration with the WWF.

Organic Cotton T-Shirt: Not the usual white T-shirt!


Organic cotton T-shirt: Uriké

Line of white sweaters handcrafted in Italy with excess fabric, with a very particular and unconventional cut. Beautiful!

Organic cotton T-shirt: Lizé Natural Clothing

Site where you will find a selection of exclusively ethical and sustainable brands of clothing for men, women and children. Of course there are also white t-shirts in certified cotton!

Organic Cotton T-Shirt: Not the usual white T-shirt!

Lizé Natural Clothing

Organic cotton T-shirt: The other fashion Dressing Bio

Portal where you will find a selection of ethical and sustainable clothing and beauty brands, GOTS, Oeko-TEX or PETA Vegan Approved certified. Here too you will find both white and colored ones.

Organic cotton T-shirt: ME Organic Couture

Basic T-shirt in GOTS certified cotton, with long or short sleeves, both clean and very simple, and with hand-applied details.

Organic Cotton T-Shirt: Not the usual white T-shirt!

ME Organic Couture

In short, there is something for all tastes, the choice is yours!

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