Organized parents are happier. Here are the points to follow

Organized parents are happier. Here are the points to follow

It is essential to look at things from a certain distance, removing perfectionisms at all costs, tuning in to the age and needs of your children

Let's face it, being a mom is beautiful, intense and joyful, but how exhausting it is! After all, no one has provided us with the instruction manual for perfect parents that teaches us not to make mistakes, not to feel guilty or inadequate, or even to be sure to give the best education ever to our children. Because a lot, needless to say, there will always be someone who will judge our way of choosing and acting, of educating our children. And then yes, at that point doubts will invade us.

And this happens to everyone, especially when between work, housekeeping, personal commitments and children we feel lost, obsessed with passing time and certainly less happy than we would like. And it is in these cases that the only thing to do is to breathe deeply and put in order the thoughts and things to do.

Yes, because it seems that the organization plays a central role in family management and in the education of children. This was stated by the pedagogist and founder of the CPP, Daniele Novara, former author of Screaming is useless, in the book Organized and happy.

The “Organized and happy”, needless to say, are the parents themselves. According to the expert, in fact, it is not necessary to be perfect mothers, but to be organized. This approach to life, and to the family, if shared with your partner helps your children to grow better and to be, of course, more serene and happy.

But how do you become organized parents? First, you need to forge an alliance with your partner and act in the name of co-parenting. Mom and dad have to think and act together, as a team, to set house rules.

Rules that, from a child's point of view, are also meant to be broken. And this is where both parents have to step in. Not with long theories and too much chatter, but not with screams or aggression. The task of mum and dad is to educate their children in good habits, staging practical and exemplary gestures.

According to the pedagogist Daniele Novara, it is essential to look at things from a certain distance, removing perfectionisms at all costs, and to tune in to the age and therefore to the needs of one's children.

Once again, teamwork is the fundamental element of a well-organized and certainly happier family. Parents, in fact, must take into account that the bond with the child cannot only be that of love and idyll, even if it is, but it is necessary to learn to conceive the family as a whole, as a real small community. , made up of rules and organization, where everyone plays their part.

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