Organizing the bag is not only possible but it is addictive. Let’s try!

Being able to fit everything we want is not always possible, even with the largest bags. In many cases, then, as when we look for the keys, we do not even find them. Here’s how to have a tidy bag.

From fabric organizers with all pockets of different sizes to inserting only the essentials. For us women the bag is really important that is why there must be care, order and cleanliness so that it looks even more beautiful. So let’s see how to manage our bag to have everything under control and live peacefully.

Organize your bag the smart way 2-11-22

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After selecting the most suitable bag for that day from the wardrobe, here’s how to manage all our things.

How to have a perfectly organized bag and live happily

The small internal pocket for the cell phone of the past that we now use for the gloss or the cards helps, just like the larger one made for the PC, the iPad or, in general, documents and thin things. We know well, however, that it is not enough and too many times we find ourselves looking for objects in our fantastic “ravanando” bag among the agenda (for the nostalgic ones who still use it), giant wallet, candies, bottle of water and much more.

2-11-22 burgundy shoulder bag

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The new object of desire (finally in our hands) will go observed empty to realize the space and make a filling plan.

A first practical solution consists inorganizer nylon of HyFanStr (18.99 euros on Amazon). Small and semi-rigid, it can be moved into bags of similar size (obviously there are also larger ones) and in a moment we will have solved the stress of having to move everything or almost everything.

Remember to remember empty the bag completely and, if you have decided to put it back in the wardrobe, also to wipe it with a damp microfibre cloth to clean it of dirt residues.

Day bag 2-11-22.

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To have three different portfolio sizes is another brilliant solution to stock exchange. Storing it in the front or right towards the chest is best and will be found right away. There are also those who simply carry their driving license, cash and credit card but we already know what the most elegant mood is.

Dividing work items, children and make-up into special bags is obviously fundamental for our mission today.

With little, therefore, we will have a result that we will hardly be able to do without. A new good habit that will simplify our days.

Silvia Zanchi