Orietta Berti, Sandra Milo, Mara Maionchi: the photo together is already a legend

Quelle brave ragazze

Three women, three divas: Those Brave Girls is Sky’s incredible journey with Orietta Berti, Sandra Milo and Mara Maionchi. The first photo is mythical

Sandra Milo, the story of a diva

An unprecedented journey, the one that Orietta Berti, Sandra Milo and Mara Maionchi are preparing to face, protagonists of a new and incredible Sky project that involves them directly. The journey of Quelle brave donne already promises to be unforgettable, as shown by the first photo released with a ticket and passport in hand.

Those good girls: the new adventure of Orietta Berti, Sandra Milo and Mara Maionchi

Three divas and three absolute protagonists of the entertainment world are ready for a new extraordinary holiday, a unique road conceived by Mara Maionchi and supported by Yazmine which is filmed in these final days of 2021 and which will be made available to the public on Sky and NOW. from 2022.

The incredible meeting has already taken place at the airport, complete with ticket in hand, and which heralds the departure to an unknown place that will be filmed by cameras ready and immortalize every moment of this adventure. The means of transport, then, is quite special. A nice van that will accompany them in passing tests and discovering special places around the world. However, they will not be alone: ​​to escort them there will be a skilled handyman ready to satisfy every new need.

Those good girls is an ageless journey

In Good Girls, age is just a number on the ID card. Time that does not wait time becomes the master of a story centered on three women known for a glorious past and a present that still keeps them in vogue, strong in that desire to get involved and show a different side of their personality.

It goes beyond the professional career, with that extra step that highlights the human side of three women who have nothing more to prove. Mara Maionchi has already said to be enthusiastic: “I am excited, happy and above all I hope to have a lot of fun with the girls, I have never been a great traveler but like Salgari I have traveled a lot with the imagination. The motto will be: Come on girls, on an adventure! ”.

Sandra Milo echoes her: “I hope it can be a wonderful adventure: I like challenges and new experiences, I like the idea of ​​being able to know new things and doing it with Mara and Orietta who are two fantastic people. For this reason, even from a human point of view I am sure it will be a wonderful experience. I really think that I will have fun and that I will be amazed by the discoveries we will make, and I am happy because I will be able to tell all this. I live it like this, like an adventure, and now that I’m getting ready to leave, I feel like a little girl! “.

Fresh from the success of Mille with Fedez and Achille Lauro, Orietta Berti is ready for a new adventure from which she expects a lot: “I have traveled a lot in my career, this time I have accepted to participate in this adventure precisely because I do not know where we are going! I certainly did it for the company too: I have known Mara very well for many years, we only met with Sandra a few times but I respect her a lot. And then I’m of the sign of Gemini, so I’m curious! “.

Sky is betting everything on the new road show

The heart of the project with Sandra Milo, Orietta Berti and Mara Maionchi is contained in the words of Antonella d’Errico, Executive Vice President Programming Sky Italia, who reveals: “Anyone who loves the show, entertainment cannot help but love Mara Maionchi, Sandra Milo and Orietta Berti. And it is precisely with the aim of creating a pure entertainment program, made special by the enthusiasm, the unique personalities and the figure of these three protagonists, that Sky wanted to bring together Mara, Sandra and Orietta for this special adventure. An unforgettable journey, which tastes of friendship and mutual respect and of that amazement at the discovery that, really, has no age. An unprecedented road show which, moreover, confirms the constant search for new ideas to make Sky’s entertainment offer ever wider and more exclusive ”.

The choice to involve three big names in Italian entertainment was not accidental, as Ilaria Dallatana of Blu Yazmine explained, but it is part of a very ambitious project which is the core of Sky entertainment. A new project, with an unprecedented trio, destined to make people talk (and smile). After all, the photo already promises great things.

Those Good Girls

Orietta Berti, Mara Maionchi and Sandra Milo in Those Brave Girls

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