Orietta Berti, your biggest regret is an indelible pain

Orietta Berti

Orietta Berti gave an interview to the weekly Oggi in which she talked about the new adventure with The Voice Senior and her biggest regret

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Orietta Berti is living a second youth, a particularly prosperous and happy moment in her life, made up of great work satisfactions that earn her immeasurable affection from the fans. Not only those of her generation, who grew up with her voice and her songs, but above all that of the younger ones, who elected her an icon after the successful participation in the Sanremo 2021 Festival and even more after the collaboration with Fedez and Achille Lauro per Mille, the symbolic piece of last summer.

Orietta Berti, from queen of the summer to judge of The Voice Senior

If with Mille Orietta she climbed the charts and was undoubtedly the most listened to voice of the summer, for the autumn she will choose what could be one of the voices of the future.
From November 26, in fact, he will be judge of the second edition of The Voice Senior, the talent hosted by Antonella Clerici on Rai Uno in prime time dedicated to singers who are no longer very young looking for an opportunity. At his side Gigi D’Alessio, Loredana Bertè and Clementino.

Orietta Berti, Luigi Tenco is your biggest regret

On the occasion of her debut on The Voice Senior, Orietta Berti gave an interview to the weekly Oggi in which she confided that she had one big regret: the suicide of Luigi Tenco during the 1967 Sanremo Festival. At the time the news broke out. of a note left by the singer-songwriter in which he justified his gesture by saying that he could not bear to live in a country that sent Me you and the roses to the final, a song with which Berti participated in that edition.

“I never believed it and I will never believe it, but for me it was a very bad page in my career,” the singer tells the weekly. And he adds: “Even today I don’t think he wrote that famous note. I don’t think it was his handwriting, even Sandro Ciotti, one of his closest friends, confirmed it to me: there were four spelling mistakes, mistakes that Tenco would never have made ”, says Orietta. “It was only through my audience that supported me that I was able to move forward. That song was much loved ”.

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