Ornella Muti, Carolina Facchinetti remembers her partner one year after her death

Ornella Muti, Carolina Facchinetti remembers her partner one year after her death

"I miss you Andrea, a year without you": Ornella Muti's daughter remembers her partner with two touching messages on Instagram

Ornella Muti: her life in photos, between cinema, loves and passions

Carolina Facchinetti, daughter of Ornella Muti, recalled her partner Andrea Longhi, one year after his death with a touching message on her Instagram profile.

On 24 February 2020 Andrea Longhi left, leaving Carolina and two children, carried away by cancer. Ornella Muti's daughter shared on her Instagram page the photo of their hands shaking for the last time and wrote: "A year ago I was preparing breakfast for the children, they kissed you and went to school. A year ago everything was difficult .. or so I thought. I didn't know that this would be the last time I held your hand and I don't even know if you knew I held your hand. It wasn't difficult, it is now, without you. I love you Andrea my I miss you, your puppies miss you #fuck cancer ".

Moving words that tell of Carolina Facchinetti's love for her Andrea stronger than death, but also of the difficulties of a life without him. Then he published a clip with the best moments of their life together, commenting: “I miss you Andrea a year without you”.

A message that also reaches the heart of Carolina's many followers, many of whom wanted to share their cancer experience with her. "How do I know this feeling … I seem to see me three years ago .. the same photo with my hands folded to make him feel that I was with him and I was accompanying him to the other side, reading you is a pain in the heart .. will it pass? With time maybe .. but you don't forget. Now I think of him with serenity and a more conscious and resigned pain that has allowed me to go on .. I wish you with time to reach this state within you. A big bear hug".

And again: “I hug you very strongly Carolina. No one should ever experience pain like this. I lost my mom, my father and my best friend with this cursed disease and even today I will not find answers to these immense pains ♥ ️ ". Ornella Muti also huddled around her daughter and reacted with a heart to her Instagram post.

In 2017 Andrea Longo discovered that he had a brain tumor and since then began a long battle against the disease, supported by the family. Last year it was Carolina who made the announcement of her death with an equally touching message on her social profile. A few months ago, in November 2020, Ornella Muti returned to talk about the mourning of her daughter, a guest of Serena Bortoni at Today is another day.

Born in 1984, Carolina was born from the love between Ornella Muti and Federico Fachinetti. A bond that ended in 1996 and led to the birth of Andrea, another son of the actress. Muti also has another daughter, Naike Rivelli, but she has never revealed her father's identity.

Carolina Facchinetti

Carolina Facchinetti, on Instagram the memory of her partner

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