Ornella Muti, her year of Covid: "I lost my mom and my daughter's partner"

Ornella Muti, her year of Covid: "I lost my mom and my daughter's partner"

Ornella Muti tells of the difficult period she lived, marked by the pain of the loss of her mother and her daughter Carolina's partner

Ornella Muti, the memory of mom Ilse on Instagram

Ornella Muti tells herself with the usual sincerity, talking about her year of Covid and two terrible griefs that have marked her family: the death of her daughter's partner Carolina and that of her mother. 66 years old and a long career studded with successes, the actress is very attached to her children and grandchildren.

Muti has three children: Naike Rivelli, born in 1974, and Carolina and Andrea, the fruit of love for Federico Fachinetti. Ornella is also the grandmother of three grandchildren: Akash, son of Naike, Alessandro and Giulia, children of Carolina. The latter closely resembles her famous mother from whom she also inherited great strength.

The young Fachinetti in fact faced the death of her partner, defeated by a tumor after a long battle. A terrible pain for Carolina who has always been able to count, fortunately, on the support of her mother. Ornella Muti, as well as Naike Rivelli and Andrea Fachinetti, have never left the woman alone, supporting and helping her.

“For us, the pandemic began before Covid-19 – Ornella confessed to Corriere della Sera – with the death of my daughter Carolina's partner. Then in recent months my mother. It was really heavy. Work certainly helps. Now I have a very nice thing in the theater planned. Fingers crossed". Unforgettable protagonist of many successful films, Muti will soon be on the big screen with Alberto Ferrari's The Christmas Show in which she stars alongside Serena Autieri and Raoul Bova. “We have just finished shooting in Puglia – he revealed -. It is a clean, funny Christmas comedy, a little fantasy but also connected to reality. Plus with a touch of hope. The one we hardly have anymore ”.

An opportunity to also remember his very long career: "At the beginning it was complicated for me – he confided -, I am childish, naive, I come from a family with a classic Italian education, I was not armed to do this job. Women are almost never prepared, you think you are entering the world of work and being yourself, you face a journey thinking you can do it on a par with men, but we are not given this opportunity. However you are a woman, they do not consider you an equal. Not even if your name is Christine Lagarde ”.

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