Ornella Muti splendid on Instagram: the betrayal with Celentano is forgotten

Ornella Muti enchants with her son Andrea Fachinetti in a photo on Instagram of a few years ago. The issue of betrayal with Adriano Celentano is closed

Ornella Muti: her life in photos, between cinema, loves and passions

Ornella Muti reposted on her Instagram profile a photo that portrays her together with her son, Andrea Fachinetti. The shot, taken from the social page of the Fanclub dell'attice, dates back to 2011 when the two paraded on the red carpet of the Rome Film Festival.

While on social networks Muti is often in the company of her daughter Naike Rivelli who often shares disturbing photos of her mother, revealing her perfect physique as the artistic nude with lights, more rarely she shows herself with her son. This photo tribute is an enchantment: Ornella and Andrea are beautiful and fascinating. And fans comment on Instagram: "Here with a very special rider", "You dear Francesca are beautiful and your son is a spectacular man. You are a family of rare beauty "," Mom how beautiful you are ".

The shot overshadows the revelations, recently surfaced, about the betrayal with Adriano Celentano, which took place just when Ornella was dating Federico Fachinetti, her husband from 1988 to 1996, from whom she had Carolina and Andrea.

The spark between Adriano Celentano and Ornella Muti struck on the set of Mad in love in 1981 (the two also filmed the film The Shrew Tamed) and remained secret until a few years ago when it was told by the Molleggiato. Subsequently in an interview with the Messenger, the actress wanted to clarify again, giving her version of the facts and specifying that that was the only infidelity of her life.

To talk about the clandestine relationship between Celentano and Muti, it was also Claudia Mori, Adriano's wife who in a sense took the blame for what happened, saying that her husband's was a reaction to the way she treated him: " He felt alone. It was not a betrayal of love. Love was always between him and me, very strong. We continued to be in love with each other, I still love Adriano very much, who is a deeply good, honest, consistent man. "

Today Ornella Muti is more beautiful than ever and at 65 in shorts she is a crash. While in another recent interview with Il Messaggero she recalled her past as an actress from photo stories and not a word about Celentano.

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