Ornella Muti, the video on Instagram that leaves you breathless before Today is another day

Ornella Muti, the video on Instagram that leaves you breathless before Today is another day

Ornella Muti enchants at the age of 65 in the backstage of "Today is another day", before moving on TV

Ornella Muti moved Italy with her interview with Today is another day. And to thank Serena Bortone she shared a breathtaking video on Instagram.

Ornella Muti is getting ready to go on the show and shows on her Instagram profile the final touches of makeup and wig with her flowing blonde curls that fall on her shoulders. At 65 for her, time never seems to have passed.

To the delight of the fans, Muti gives a fashion show showing her her look: an elegant blue suit, signed by Giorgio Armani, that enchants her. In short, Ornella is truly splendid and many reiterate it in the Instagram comments: “How beautiful are you ??? ❤️❤️❤️ you are a fantastic woman, I grew up with you, you have a charm that can bewitch every man of this land. Beautiful as a red rose🌹 very intelligent, elegant woman, I would never finish describing you how fantastic you are ”. And again: "What a wonderful woman … A dream that has always been …". "I adore you endlessly ❤️😘❤️😘❤️Love".

During the interview with Serena Bortone, Muti told of the pain of her daughter Carolina Facchinetti, who has become a widow, and of the recent mourning for the death of her mother, Ilse Renate Krause.

“The greatest pain was seeing my daughter Carolina feel bad – she admitted – her partner went away due to a terrible illness. In those days we rediscovered the centrality of the family, we understood that everyone could always count on the other ". Telling those complicated moments, the actress was moved. “It is very difficult for me to share pain, it is difficult to share normality, but I feel normal […] I cannot talk about pain and drama because I would die immediately, but for me to see my daughter so touched is very hard. Seeing my grandchildren is hard, but it gives you the strength to understand the importance of family ".

Ornella's is the last interview, at least until tomorrow, today is another day. In fact, the transmission was suspended due to a Covid case. One person who had access to the study tested positive.

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