Orphans of femicide: Rosaria and Domenico want to change their surname

Rosaria and Domenico will no longer be Beloved. They ask to take the surname of the mother who was brutally killed by their father

Rosaria and Domenico will no longer be Diletto, but Ribecco. In this way they will honor, with her surname, the memory of their mother who was murdered on March 8 in Cutro, precisely on International Women’s Day. They do it because the void she has left is unbridgeable, they do it above all because they do not want to bear the surname of a murderer, that of their father.

The two brothers from Cutro, in the province of Crotone, are the umpteenth orphans of femicide, the surviving victims forced to carry a too heavy burden on their heart, which will remain in the heart for eternity.

Rosaria and Domenico are the children of Vincenza Ribecco who is no longer there, because she was killed by Alfonso Diletto, the man who had promised to love and respect her and who never did. The man who chose her fate for her by firing that gunshot on that March day, putting an end to her existence forever.

One murder, more victims

There is something we often don’t talk about when we are faced with femicides and it concerns the fact that they claim more victims than we see. Because those women are often mothers. And in many cases, unfortunately, they are killed right in front of the eyes of their sons and daughters, and even when this does not happen there is still an unbridgeable void, like that of Rosaria and Domenico.

It was he, Domenico, who found the lifeless body of his mother, he who had returned home with a bouquet of mimosas for her, to celebrate it on International Women’s Day. And instead Alfonso Diletto had arrived before her, and evidently not satisfied with having humiliated and beaten the woman for so many years while she was trying to keep the family together, he decided it was time to take her life from her. And he did it with a pistol shot.

Thus Alfonso became the culprit in the murder of his wife. But he didn’t just kill Rosaria that day, he also deprived her children of the greatest love there is, that of a mother.

“We are ashamed of our surname”

It is difficult to understand what Rosaria and Domenico are feeling today, since the one who snatched their mother away was the very man who brought them into the world. It is difficult to try to understand how the two brothers will move forward, even if we know they will do it together, counting on each other.

It is precisely together that they decided to change the surname, so they have already submitted the application to the prefect. They will adopt that of their mother, just as happened to Vittoria Rea, another femicide orphan. They do it because they want to honor Rosaria’s memory, because they don’t feel like the children of a murderer, because they don’t want to have the surname of whoever signed this horror.

“The surname of a person” – reads the Southern Daily – “derives from the fact that they have the same blood, and therefore the same heart, as their father. But my brother and I have nothing in common with that man and all we are we owe only to our mother ”.

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