Oscar, Pierfrancesco Favino among the members of the Academy Awards. The comment on Instagram

Oscar, Pierfrancesco Favino among the members of the Academy Awards. The comment on Instagram

Pierfrancesco Favino chosen as new member of the Academy Awards. Him on Instagram: "I know satisfaction"

Pierfrancesco Favino has been chosen among the new Italian members of the Academy Awards for 2020 who will have the task of voting for the Oscars. The actor on Instagram commented on the news.

In fact, among the Stories Favino shared the welcome image of the Academy where it becomes official as a member by commenting on Instagram with a simple but effective "I know satisfaction". The Roman actor has had many satisfactions, starting with David di Donatello (see the video above) as the best protagonist for Marco Bellocchio's Il traitor, in which he plays the role of Tommaso Buscetta. While for the film Hammamet by Gianni Amelio, where he plays Bettino Craxi, he received a nomination for Best Actor in the Silver Ribbons 2020. Last June he also won the prestigious Volonté Award.

And now comes the appointment as a member of the Academy, ready to award the 2021 Oscars to be held on April 25. Among the 800 new names for Italy, in addition to Favino there will also be the directors Francesca Archibugi, Cristina Comencini, Maria Sole Tognazzi, just to name a few.

The news immediately bounced back on social media. Many on Twitter rushed to congratulate the Roman actor, who was loved, not only for his masterful cinematographic performances but also as a showman. His participation in the Sanremo Festival in 2018 is unforgettable.

On Twitter there are those who speak of "Italian excellence" and those of "world heritage". Who exults: “Pierfrancesco #Favino member of the Academy Awards. Italian flag Beautiful news! Will vote for the next #Oscar Congratulations! ”. And who would like him among the candidates of the precious statuette: "Very happy for Pierfrancesco Favino in the Academy but how much he deserves to win him an Oscar, nobody in Italy".

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