Oscar Wilde, writer: biography and curiosities

Oscar Wilde has left a real mark in the world of writing, here is some information on the life of this important character

Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin on October 16, 1954. His father, named William, was a well-known surgeon and writer, while his mother was a poet. As a young man, Oscar devoted himself to studies at an important college in Dublin, but immediately began to gain great fame thanks to his distinguished intelligence and his way of relating to people. In fact, he began to get a first prize with the poem "Ravenna" and during this small milestone he met the main intellectuals of the time such as Ruskin and Pater, who largely influenced his expectations in the artistic field. During a stay in London in 1879, Oscar Wilde began to devote himself to writing, in particular to some essays or poems to the point of publishing the "Poems" two years later, from which five editions followed. The way of expressing oneself, of dialoguing, the lifestyle and her extravagant look made Oscar Wilde one of the most fascinating and enchanting characters in the city. On the other hand, what you read is more important than you think and this especially applies to the works of Oscar Wilde. Subsequently, the writer quickly reached a great notoriety also in the United States. After that, once back in Europe, he moved to Paris for a month.

In the year 1884 the writer returned to live in the London city, where he met his soulmate, or Costance Lloyd who immediately became his wife. In reality, it is not about real love, but about a marriage based on appearance. In fact, Oscar Wilde is homosexual and this has always caused him great discomfort, especially because of the morals that reigned in England at the time. The couple gives birth to her two children named Cyryl and Vyvyan, but soon separates. The cause of this separation is the writer's first homosexual relationship. In 1888 his first collection of children's tales entitled "The happy prince and other stories" came out, while in the following years his first work was born, or "The portrait of Dorian Gray". Thanks to this masterpiece, still highly appreciated in today's reading world, the writer reaches the pinnacle of success, thus gaining worldwide fame. This novel, loved now all over the world, is characterized by various elements, in particular by science fiction inventions, such as the portrait that ages instead of the main character.

In addition, the protagonist reflects many characteristics of the writer's personality. This has sparked numerous debates from critics. The latter, in fact, considered Oscar Wilde as a true symbol of moral degradation. In 1891 the dramatic opera "Salomé" was released, dedicated to the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt. It is precisely a work focused on extreme passion, almost obsessive, and this has sparked the anger of British censorship, which immediately took action preventing its representation. But Oscar Wilde does not give up and continues to write his works by hand, managing to stand out for his sarcastic talent. It is here that he realizes one of his greatest plays, or "Lady Windermere's fan". This great success actually conceals some unfavorable judgments towards Victorian society. Ironically, the latter was also part of the audience to watch the comedy. Even "A woman without importance" conceals some criticisms regarding the exploitation of women in both social and sexual spheres.

Oscar Wilde's sense of humor stands out once again with the work "The importance of being called Ernesto" where the hypocrisy of the morality of the current society is targeted. At the same time, however, Victorian society did not accept at all to be mocked in this way, mainly because of the way of expression of the writer. Here the life of Oscar Wilde and his career suffered a real collapse. First, the friendship with Lord Alfred Douglas was synonymous with scandal throughout society and a few years later the writer was tried on charges of sodomy. Oscar Wilde ends up in prison and suffers a further bankruptcy trial. All the writer's assets go to auction and in the same period he also faces another painful moment, namely the death of his mother. The writer is sentenced to forced labor and it is precisely during this sad period that he creates the most moving works "De profundis", dedicated to his friend Bosie, who instead had completely abandoned the artist, leaving completely. Oscar Wilde's latest work is "Reading Jail Ballad", completed after exiting prison. Once back in Paris, he is informed of the death of his wife and shortly after falls ill with meningitis. Oscar Wilde died on 30 November 1900 leaving a wealth of reflections, thoughts and poems that have enchanted audiences around the world.

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