Osteoporosis, expert advice for the summer

Osteoporosis, expert advice for the summer

7 tips to fight osteoporosis in the summer and spend safe holidays without fear of accidents that could ruin the days of leisure

3.5 million women suffer from osteoporosis, a silent disease that does not always show obvious signs and when it occurs it is late to prevent falls and fractures. In summer, the problem for sufferers is more significant. The change of environment involves many inconveniences. It is necessary to check in advance the place where you will be going to spend your holidays and remember to pack your medicines. The experts have developed 7 tips to deal more calmly with the diagnosis without risking incurring unwanted accidents that compromise the holiday.

In the summer everyone needs a little fun. Warm and sunny days invite you to spend more time outdoors, underestimating some health problems. Osteoporosis sufferers should never feel comfortable. Bone fragility does not go on vacation. A group of experts has made available online simple tips to follow, let's see what they are and how to put them into practice. The column must not be subjected to stress, therefore it is suggested to avoid positions and stresses that can cause pressure. As for the transport of suitcases it is necessary to entrust the task to other people to avoid weights that must be distributed equally on both sides.

The holiday bed must be the same as the one you have at home, even if it is not always easy to implement, it is advisable not to underestimate this aspect. Even in summer it is advisable to do some movement, but it is forbidden to engage in activities that you are not used to practicing. If the destination chosen is the sea, one should not walk and even run on the shoreline, since the inclined plane causes constant stress to the vertebrae. For a correct prevention it is also necessary to take medications on vacation, making sure to pack the necessary quantity.

Many doctors make the mistake of reducing the drug against osteoporosis in the summer or taking away the intake of vitamin D, because you are more exposed to sunlight. In reality the vitamin D deficiency is not due to a lack of light, but the elderly with age tend to absorb less. To prevent osteoporosis, you must follow a balanced diet rich in calcium-containing foods, adopt a non-sedentary lifestyle and at least once a year do the MOC.

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