Osteoporosis: the campaign "stop fractures" draws up the vademecum

Osteoporosis: the campaign "stop fractures" draws up the vademecum

Osteoporosis on holiday: during the summer period we should never neglect our pathologies. The experts have compiled a list of tips for those suffering from bone fragility

Preventing osteoporosis: during the rest period most of us tend to neglect health problems. When you have serious diseases, such as osteoporosis, you should never let your guard down, even during the summer holidays. Precisely for this reason, the experts created the Stop Fracture Campaign, in collaboration with the About Pharma online site. Osteoporosis is a bone disease that causes a decrease in tissue; this condition causes a weakening of the bones and this leads to a considerable increase in suffering fractures linked to trauma.

Osteoporosis, also called bone fragility, only affects 5 million people in Italy and leads to an operating cost of about 7 billion euros a year. Let's see together the advice of the Stop fractures program that should be followed by all those who suffer from this disease. The first tip is to try to avoid making efforts or movements that can cause excessive pressure on the spine. The second expert advice is to avoid carrying heavy objects using only one hand; it is good to distribute the weight equally on both limbs.

The third tip is to always use comfortable shoes; moreover it would be opportune to avoid running or walking on the shoreline, because due to the inclined plane the bones are stressed incorrectly and could suffer serious traumas. Another tip is to choose a bed during your stay in hotel facilities; if possible, choose a bed with the same height as the one you have at home to avoid problems during the descent from it.

Finally, the last advice regarding the taking of drugs; remember to pack a sufficient amount of medications for osteoporosis treatment with you, as most of them require a prescription that would be difficult to find during the summer vacation. The president of the Italian Society of Rheumatology, Dr. Giovanni Minisola, recommends paying close attention to health problems throughout the year. He concludes by saying that it is always necessary to remember that illnesses, especially osteoporosis, never go on holiday and that this period must not in any way divert attention from our pathologies.

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