Outdoor activities for adults and children: ideas and accessories

Outdoor activities for adults and children: ideas and accessories

In spring, having fun in the open air is all we need to fill up on joy: this is what must not be missing for a day at the top

Do you love being outdoors? In May, enjoying the warm spring days seems to be one of life's greatest satisfactions, whether it's a relaxing outing or an exciting mountain bike excursion. The important thing is to always have everything you need with you to transform a simple outing into a real adventure.

Let's see together some ideas on how to spend spring days outdoors, paying attention to the most useful accessories to fully enjoy every single moment.


  • Play sports in the park
  • Cycling with children
  • Have a picnic with friends
  • Go camping
  • Walking outdoors

Play sports in the park

If you want to keep fit without locking yourself in the gym (or at home, with the treadmill), you could go to the park and do some outdoor exercise, so you can breathe some fresh air and warm up under the warm spring rays of Sun. Obviously, you will have to equip yourself with all the necessary equipment so as not to find yourself at the last minute without something essential. Starting with exactly what you need for training: how about a jump rope?

Skipping rope Jump rope Essential tool for keeping fit, especially for those who want to do outdoor sports. 12.99 EUR Buy on Amazon

For those looking for a more complete set, the ideal is the kit that includes not only a jump rope, but also a push-up board and 5 elastic bands for resistance exercises, all in a comfortable sports bag to facilitate this. transport. Fitness lovers, step forward!

Offer Fitness equipment set Fitness tool set A handy kit for all fitness lovers, with bag for storing tools after use. 49,99 EUR −4% 47,87 EUR Buy on Amazon

Cycling with children

Do you want a bike? For young and old, there is no better way to spend a nice day outdoors together. So, all that remains is to jump on the saddle and choose the perfect itinerary for the occasion: the important thing is to stay in contact with nature and always use the right protections. A helmet is a must, which must be of the right size and adjusted every time it is worn.

Offer Unisex bike helmet Unisex bike helmet Essential accessory for bike lovers, with LED lights to indicate the change of direction and bluetooth connection. 139,99 EUR −21% 110,38 EUR Buy on Amazon

In addition to the helmet, it may be comfortable for the little ones to wear some additional protection – especially if they are still beginners. This set of knee pads, elbow pads and gloves is perfect: available in various sizes and different patterns, it will protect your children and help them feel more confident in their breathtaking adventures. Also great for roller skating and skateboarding.

Child protection set Protective set for children Knee pads, elbow pads and gloves to protect children during their adventures on the bike, on the skates or on the skateboard. 28,95 EUR Buy on Amazon

Have a picnic with friends

Even enjoying a few hours of relaxation in the company of your friends is a perfect outdoor activity. Why not organize a picnic? Just prepare a few simple cold dishes to enjoy on a beautiful lawn, bringing with you everything you need for a dream day. At this point, a comfortable blanket is essential to sit and "set" for lunch: with a nice pattern and a waterproof back, this folding sheet is really ideal.

Picnic blanket Picnic Blanket Foldable 2m x 2m waterproof cover, great for an outdoor picnic. 19,99 EUR Buy on Amazon

Obviously, you will need a large backpack to store everything you need for the picnic. This practical bag already contains many tools for an open-air day: serving plates, glasses, napkins and cutlery for four people, a cutting board, a bottle opener, a cheese knife and two salt and pepper sets. It also comes with a removable bottle holder and a picnic blanket with a waterproof base.

Picnic backpack with accessories Picnic backpack with accessories Convenient backpack for storing everything you need for a picnic. Several accessories are included for a day outdoors. 58,99 EUR Buy on Amazon

Go camping

Have you already prepared your tent for camping with your family or friends? Then you just have to choose the latest accessories and get going. Don't forget this comfortable microfiber towel set, consisting of a 140cm x 70cm zipped shower towel for small items and a small 70cm x 40cm towel. Compact and ultra absorbent, they also have a carrying net.

Towel set Towel set Two comfortable microfibre towels, one large with mobile phone zip and one small. Contains net for easy transport. 17,99 EUR Buy on Amazon

Since you will certainly spend many hours in the sun, it is good to have good protection behind. SFP 50+ sunscreen is ideal for the most sensitive skin and for children: it contains kukui oil, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, aloe and vitamin E, to moisturize the skin and protect it from the sun's rays.

Sunscreen Sun cream Rich in natural ingredients and with a high protection factor, it is ideal for children and sensitive skin. 23,99 EUR Buy on Amazon

Walking outdoors

To enjoy a few hours in the open air, however, it is not necessary to invent special activities: even a simple walk in the park is perfect, especially if you indulge in good company. To have everything at your fingertips, choose a roomy bag with a creased effect, with ribbon handles and a leather lace that allows you to reduce its size if necessary.

Wrinkled effect bag Crumpled-effect bag Perfect for carrying everything you need with you, the bag is roomy and made of excellent fabric. 123,00 EUR Buy on Amazon

For your days in the sun, a good pair of glasses is a must: those from Ray-Ban are perfect, and you can choose between different frames and various colored lenses, so as to always be in the latest fashion.

Ray-Ban sunglasses Ray-Ban Sunglasses Beautiful and resistant, Ray-Ban sunglasses are of excellent quality and are available in different versions. 87,00 EUR Buy on Amazon

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