Ovarian cancer, a challenge to be won with the doctor

Tumore dell’ovaio, una sfida da vincere con il medico

It is important to rely on doctors and specialists to face and combat the disease, which has an impact on the psychological front and on the quality of life

There is a before and after in the story of a woman who discovers she has ovarian cancer. And the after, which comes after the diagnosis, must be faced together with the doctors without blaming oneself for a possible "poor" attention to one's health. Also because science and research are always developing new therapies, which can progressively improve the future in the fight against what experts call "silent killer". It is a message of hope that comes from Vanda Salutari, Gynecologist Oncologist at the Policlinico Gemelli IRCCS Foundation in Rome.

More attention to the quality of life

"It may happen that a woman discovers that she has ovarian cancer even when she undergoes regular checks, so there is no need to feel guilty in any way" explains the expert. "It is a form of cancer that can develop without giving specific signals and therefore we must not think that we have underestimated the situation but face the problem together with the specialist and above all with the family". In short: entrusting yourself to a doctor is important, because it can help you find the strength to better face this challenge, which begins with surgery. After that, the word goes to the oncologist. On this front, research now makes various opportunities available to women that can allow them to better control the situation, with treatments that must be studied and formulated on a case-by-case basis. "It's true: compared to a few years ago, today we have several more drugs available and we can better control the side effects of chemotherapy," Salutari reiterates. "For this reason it is important to always keep in touch with the oncologist and above all not to give in on the quality of life, which is and must remain a pillar for the woman who faces this form of cancer as a patient". The quality of life, in short, must become an important goal for women. In this sense, even the possibility of being able to "treat" oneself as one would do for any chronic pathology even at home, perhaps after the necessary chemotherapy treatments that must always be done in the hospital, becomes a step to "regain possession" of one's time and of its existence. "It is true, and this too is part of those developments in treatments that we must never underestimate", concludes the expert. “Today there are drugs that, obviously in patients who can benefit from them, can also be taken at home in the form of tablets. This means being able to plan the day without having to think about spending several hours in the hospital and it is very important. " Together, patient, family and specialist, they can form a team that in different ways and with different skills can act together to fight ovarian cancer.

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