Over 60, here is the new fashion generation

Beauty has no age: from Isabella Rossellini to Carmen dell'Orefice and Maye Musk, here are the icons over 60

Can you be beautiful even after 60? The answer is: absolutely yes, without a shadow of a doubt. You have certainly heard your grandmothers say that age is what a person feels. Well, listen to him. Wrinkles and white hair, if worn with style, can even increase our charm. More and more often it happens to see women no longer very young protagonists of prestigious covers or important brand campaigns. Just think of Isabella Rossellini (65 years old), Jan de Villeneuve (72 years old) and Daphne Selfe (89 years old) who recently posed for Sies Marjan, Simone Rocha and Tank Magazine respectively.

The phenomenon of the so-called "Greynnaisance" was born around 2015, when the splendid octogenarian Joan Didion became the face of Céline. After her, Joni Mitchel also posed for the Saint Laurent campaign. From then on, for women with charm agé the road has been all downhill. In Russia, an agency was also born, Oldushka, which offers contracts only for models over 45, with white hair and deep and well-marked wrinkles.

Do you remember Donna Jordan? After having caused a sensation by posing in the 70s with the advertising of Jesus Jeans, at 68 years of age he still speaks of himself for his beauty. The same goes for Verde Visconti, Bambi, and Jacky O’Shaughnessy, popular models in the past decades that still continue to impress with their charm. Not to mention the actresses Jane Fonda or Jessica Lange.

Maye Musk has become a very popular influencer at 70, while Iris Apfel, who has 95 of his springs, is a true fashion icon. But they are not alone: ​​Lauren Hutton won a Vogue cover at the age of 73 and the 86-year-old Carmen Dell’Orefice entered the Guinness Book of Records as the model with the longest career. It is appropriate to say it: beauty has no age!

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