Over liner: the new trendy smokey eyes

Over liner: the new trendy smokey eyes

The new trendy smokey eyes is called Over liner and creates an exaggerated look, for women who love to dare

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It's called Over liner and it's the new smokey eyes that will accompany us for next season. Eccentric, fun and colorful, simply exaggerated: the trendy make-up comes out – it should be said – out of the lines, to give us a beauty look that does not go unnoticed.

Autumn smokey eyes don't just color the eyelid, they also invade the eyelashes, eyebrows and all the space around the eye. The result is really special, as the make-ups that appeared in the Fashion Week fashion shows showed. The models that have walked on the catwalk have in fact experienced the new trend, between bright colors, abstract shapes and geometries.

The goal of beauty designers is simple: break the canons of the past and return a vision of innovative makeup. In this way the smokey eyes becomes almost a "wearable accessory", a sort of surplus that makes every woman and her outfit unique. The Over liner gives a rock star look and is a tribute to eccentricity. Who wears this trick feels safe and turns into a real character.

The first to clear the over liner was Donatella Versace, who prefers a smokey eyes that comes out of the eyelid made with khol, eyeliner and black eyeshadow. The look appears intense and captivating, so much so that it is impossible to take one's eyes off such a make-up. This beauty trend is perfect even for those who have never been very precise with the lines. Do as Prada and delineate the look with a black pencil with imprecise features, completing with gray eyeshadow and a blue line above the eyelid. The destructuring effect will be super cool!

Finally, those who want to exaggerate can focus on the make-up sported by Gigi Hadid in the last show. Very long eyelashes, fluorescent eyeliner and shock eye shadows guarantee an amazing effect, to show off at the most exclusive parties and for happy hour.

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