Pain in the toes: ingrown toenail symptoms

The ingrown toenail is a situation in which even the simple motor activity of walking becomes painful. Symptoms and solutions

It is an inflammation that affects the lateral areas of the toes, where a fragment of the nail or the entire portion penetrates growing inside the skin. Inside the laceration, the nail creates a serious inflammation, which in most situations leads to infection. This state of the finger leads to difficulty in walking and constant pain even if you just put it on the ground, and often the only solution is to intervene surgically. The symptoms of the ingrown toenail are mainly represented by severe pain in the area affected by the infection. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, the intervention of a pedicure expert who also has medical certification may be sufficient, otherwise contact specialized clinics.

The factors that can cause the nail to become incarnate can be different:
– A pathology already present in the individual that leads him to keep an incorrect gait.
– Wear too tight shoes, which force your toes to stay too long in an unsuitable pressure condition.
– Wrong cut of the nails, leaving the corners still long and that during the regrowth go to penetrate the skin.
– Too violent impacts that make the nail penetrate inside the flesh.

Depending on the age of the person affected by the ingrown toenail, other more serious pathologies may occur. For example, in younger people, following the ingrown toenail problem, osteochondroma occurred. It is a "bone neoplasm", or a benign tumor that affects the bones, and is very frequent among individuals who have faced serious pathologies of infection due to the ingrown toenail.

In the elderly, however, ingrown nails can give rise to a "peripheral edema", or an accumulation of fluids that occurs in the area affected by the infection. It may seem like a problem of little importance, but the creation of a peripheral edema can also have secondary origins to the nail infection. So if this problem occurs, other analyzes may be necessary to fully understand its origin.
The symptoms to understand if you can be faced with an ingrown nail case are:
– Pain and a lot of redness in the toe, especially in the lateral part.
– Formation of vesicles, pus, and a purplish-red color similar to impact edema.
If you experience these symptoms, go to your doctor immediately for an immediate checkup.

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