Pain, sleep is the strongest natural analgesic

Pain, sleep is the strongest natural analgesic

According to some scientific studies sleep is a very powerful natural painkiller, able to increase our pain threshold

The rules for getting sleep: tips and prohibitions

Sleep is the strongest natural analgesic, perfect for combating pain.

This is demonstrated by a scientific study carried out by the University of California, Berkeley, and published in the Journal of Neuroscience. According to experts, sleep behaves like an analgesic, increasing the pain threshold and sensitivity to stimuli.

The research involved 25 healthy people. After a night of restful sleep, the experts measured the tolerance of pain by subjecting the volunteers to some hot stimuli applied to the legs. The level of sensitivity to pain was measured again the day after a night with little sleep. The result? By analyzing the brains of volunteers through resonance, scientists have discovered a different reaction to physical stimuli.

"The loss of sleep not only amplifies the sensitivity to pain – explained Matthew Walker, among the authors of the study -, but also blocks the natural brain centers of analgesia. If disturbed sleep intensifies our sensitivity to pain as our study shows, sleep must be placed even more at the heart of patient care, especially in hospital wards ”.

Sleep is not the only natural pain reliever. At home we can find many useful remedies to relieve pain. Ginger, for example, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, it can be taken in the form of infusion or herbal tea against cough and sore throat, or as a compress to soothe muscular and rheumatic pains. Cloves are useful for those suffering from toothache: they can be used to gargle or they can be chewed in the painful area.

In the pantry there are many other very effective natural remedies, such as garlic, useful for combating earaches and toothache, or chilli, which thanks to some enzymes manages to inhibit the impulses that reach the brain concerning pain .

Finally, in addition to sleep, you can use the power of pineapple and grapes to combat pain. The first fruit is a natural antibiotic, useful for muscle pain, joints and nasal congestion. Grapes promote blood circulation, countering back pain.

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