Pamela Camassa and Filippo Bisciglia, confessions on Amici (and a son)

Pamela Camassa and Filippo Bisciglia, confessions on Amici (and a son)

Pamela Camassa and Filippo Bisciglia tell their story, from Amici Celebrities to a son

Pamela Camassa and Filippo Bisciglia tell each other on the pages of the weekly Chi, talking about weddings, children and the experience of Amici Celebrities. Both indeed chose to participate as competitors to the talent of Maria De Filippi, a unique experience that made the couple even stronger.

Pamela and Filippo have been linked for 12 years, a love story lived away from the cameras and very solid, in which, however, there are not, among the projects, a son and the wedding. "We are as if we were already married – Camassa confessed -. Making a child is not a game. Philip cultivates this desire more than me, it will happen when the time is right ".

"I cultivated this dream – explained Bisciglia -. Years ago I wanted a little baby right away. She used to tell me ‘ni’, ‘no’, ‘perhaps’, and now it has happened that I am forty-two. This speech makes me a little dark. I don't think we're going to be parents, but that doesn't mean we're not a family. Pamela is everything to me – he added – family, friend, lover, partner, girlfriend, only a "colleague" was missing and here we are ".

The couple meanwhile is putting themselves to the test with Amici Celebrities. "I discovered that Filippo was in the race while I was rehearsing – Pamela confessed to Alfonso Signorini's weekly – I burst out laughing, but I was happy".

"I went in when the train was running – explained Filippo -, I got a thousand paranoia because I didn't want to damage it, this was his program. I didn't have the courage to tell her that I would participate, I wanted to refuse. "

For both of them Amici Celebrities is a unique occasion. Pamela in fact had in the past participated in the auditions of the classic edition, while Filippo always loves to sing, but when he was very young he preferred to pursue a sporting career.

"As a child I dreamed of" Friends ", I had also auditioned for the dance category and after the first phase – she said – then when we met for the stage I got it under and ran away". While he added: "I have been singing since I was young, and my dad had also made me record a tape then sent to a record company. I did not appear at the call for the audition. At the time I played tennis and I thought that was my future. "

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