Pamela Prati goes back to singing and lets out: "The truth will come out"

Pamela Prati goes back to singing and lets out: "The truth will come out"

Pamela Prati announces her return to music and is unleashed by talking about the Mark Caltagirone case

Pamela Prati today: gorgeous on Instagram

Pamela Prati returns to singing and speaks once again of the Mark Caltagirone case. A story that deeply marked the former Bagaglino star and which, last year, was talked about for months. After a long silence, the showgirl decided to leave again, resuming her career from music. “The Prati-gate? What happened to me was cruel, I was the victim of a system that hurt me – told the weekly Chi -. Now I don't work because, unfortunately, what happened to me was badly told, but time will prove me right and the truth will come out ”.

“I'll be back with a song, Mariposita, dedicated to my mother – confessed Prati to Alfonso Signorini's magazine -. I called it that because when I was little she called me "mariposa". I miss her so much and in these dramatic moments I just think about her. I had a difficult childhood, my father abandoned us and she was my only point of reference ". The Prati affair has been at the center of controversy and television programs for several months. The showgirl, together with ex agents Pamela Perricciolo and Eliana Michelazzo, was accused of having organized a fake marriage with Mark Caltagirone, a man who never existed. Pamela has always claimed to have been deceived and plagiarized by ex friends, convinced that her boyfriend really existed.

"They accuse me that every tot to get people talking about me I announce a wedding – confessed Prati -. But when I fall in love I always think that I will get married and start a family and, since I have been doing this job for 40 years, I have repeatedly asked about my private life and several times, when I was in love, I said that I wanted to get married. What's wrong? And then this is my weak point and people take advantage of it. Now I'm alone and so I spent the lockdown – he concluded -. It strengthened me and gave me the opportunity to “get closer” to my family, my sister and my grandchildren… We kept company with video calls, A partner? I'd like to, but he should be a man, not a man, loyal and accept frailties ”.

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